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period periods menstruation period feels
naruto uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke hoshigaki kisame s: graceful degradation entireuchihaclan sasuke probably now knows more about dango than he ever needed to know itachi does a lot more inane shit than he thought one of his sandal zippers always gets stuck kisame kicked him in the face the first time itachi painted his toenails he always smears the polish on his pinky he has a favorite crow who always brings him shiny things (he doesn't need sound to know it's named shisui) itachi takes five to seven pills every day he gave up being considerate near the end and just used the sheets to wipe the blood sometimes he'd stop and just look at the stars and he'd raise his hand and poke the sky and the memory would blur with tears gomen barashark i forgot ur tag
nail art mushrooms Fungi Scientific Illustration natural history miniature painting
photography art photo style vintage blue nail polish purple nails nail art retro 90s fur manicure 70s nylon april Nylon Magazine artists on tumblr issue Styling acrylic nails photographers on tumblr faux fur 2016 Manicurist Fleury Rose Chris Schoonover Schoonover glass nails
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Illustration life design surrealism 3D graphic design culture 3d art Igor Morski
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mygif !edit Haikyuu!! oikawa tooru iwaizumi hajime hq spoilers hq!!edit fyeahsportsanime dailyhaikyuu fyhaikyuu
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art landscape architecture History artists on tumblr
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nails nail art gel nails gel biosculpture natural nails gel nail art biosculpturegel bakenekonails
animals nature world bear WWII History war bizarre brown bear Wojtek
XO nail art amandizzllee that color is so pretty
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