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  • There’s the line in “We Are Young,” “My friends are in the bathroom / getting higher than the Empire State.” With drugs and alcohol, is it “been there, done that” for you guys, or have you managed to avoid that lifestyle?
  • Nate:I laugh only because I’ve worried that the line would paint a picture of my friends as drug users, when none of them use. I just thought that it was a cool lyric. Maybe I thought that it would make me look cooler than I actually am. All we do is eat. I drink, and occasionally I’ve been known to drink too much, but there’s never been any drug use. The lyric should have been, “My friends are in the bathroom, because they ate too much fancy steak,” or something.
comics Nate Inc.
omg ok so today our teacher was making a presentation about scalene triangles and some student just yelled out “ah yes the scalene triangle”looks like i’ve found a new friend