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  • Taurus, Gemini, CANCER, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
What Can Your Zodiac Sign Offer:
Written by Zodiac Society || thezodiacsociety.comARIES: As an Aries, with your tough and can-do energy, you offer people motivation and support to pull themselves together. You give others the ability to be courageous and to have a thicker skin in order to survive a very tough world. You energy is i...
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Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995): Key Animator FLCL (2000): Animation DirectorDead Leaves (2004): Director, Character Design RE: Cutie Honey (2004) (episode 1): Director  Gurren Lagann (2007): Director Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (2010): Director Inferno Cop (2012): Supervisor Black Rock Sho...
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Rising Signs:
Your rising sign—also known as your ascendant—represents the way others see you, your general impression on people, and your spontaneous reactions. It reflects the Zodiacal sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. Until the early twentieth century, the ascendant, ra...
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Reblog with your eye color, zodiac sign and favorite season.
Just wondering :) 
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deaf ASL sign language hard of hearing whyisign I just realized this looks like one of those do you love the color of the sky posts lmao i promise no rick rolling this time! and yes I snuck into hamilton from the hamilton musical
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10 Facts About Libra (Part 1)
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