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blood comic SORT OF good night uhh sticks and stones body horror this is the only comic ive ever made that matters sign me up for skeleton hell cant die once youre dead
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deaf adoption lgbtqia ASL sign language lesbian couple deaf culture wells fargo hearing impaired this was too cute of a commercial i just love this representation too much even if it's coming from an evil corporate bank also if you look closely both moms are signing with their right hands but I wished they'd picked a left handed actress BC you can see they're not only a lesbian couple but they're a MARRIED lesbian couple which I think is pretty rad
doctor who matt smith sherlock martin freeman supernatural superwholock David Tennant sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch john watson Jensen Ackles Misha Collins real talk bbc sherlock dr who 11th Doctor 10th doctor series 3 dr.who jared padelecki mary morstan The Empty Hearse mary watson the sign of three his last vow
Christmas useless post sorry I just find the idea of A SCHOOL FOR SANTAS incredibly endearing
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LOL For Lack of a Better Comic comics
Hi y’all You all should sign and share this petition to Obama to enact a law called Leelah’s Law to Ban Transgender Conversion Therapy¬† This was Leelah Alcorn’s last wish, please share¬†
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