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1. According to survivors in Kathmandu the things needed the most right now are medicine, tents, food, clothes. It is urged to not directly donate money to charities unless you can ensure that your donation is funding food-specific, or shelter-specific needs, or emergency-relief specific needs. 2. T...
about the earthquake in nepal(it happened today, april 25, and was measured at 7.8 on the richter scale in case you haven’t heard)just after i heard about it, i got a call from my grandmother in Kolkata, India. she told me there had been a large earthquake.“how did you hear about it?” i asked.“I did...
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The long-awaited move follows a Supreme Court ruling in 2007 recognizing a third gender Nepal announced plans this week to issue passports that will allow citizens of the Himalaya...
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If you didn’t see the post I reblogged earlier–there was a catastrophic earthquake in Nepal. At least 1,200 people have died. Kathmandu was badly hit. It’s a city of over a million people. They’re going to need food, water, and shelter on top of medical help and search and rescue. Food and bot...
"Tens of thousands of young women from regions devastated by the earthquake in Nepal are being targe...
Traffickers are posing as rescue workers in order to gain the trust of and deceive rural communities. Even before the earthquake, 10,000-12,000 girls a year are trafficked from Nepal.SHARE this story to highlight a terrifying side effect of the Nepal earthquake.
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