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my edits MY EDIT mangacaps monochrome kuroshitsuji ciel phantomhive sebastian michaelis black butler nerds like wtf The Contract i'll take 20 fucking nerds GIVE ME ALL THE NERDS
love means never having to explain your star trek references
YouTube black cosplayers black nerds magical black girls pretty brown & nerdy pretty brown and nerdy black girl nerds black geek girls black youtubers black content creators our youtube channel is sourced to this post so just click! pax south
dragon age i am having a feeling excuse me jaws of hakkon
hey nerds the reason nobody wants to "debate you" online is because you treat arguments like a child...
"you used ad hominem, so now i can summon exodia and attack your life points for fifty damage!"
LOL humor jokes puns nerds
free! iwatoBEST swimming club I feel like Rei and Haru were probably playing initially rei enjoying having some bonding time with haru-chan-san when rin got annoyed haru was competing against someone who wasn't him and just sat his ass right in the middle of them like his position looks totally forced I'M SORRY RIN WAS YOUR RIVAL NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU FOR FIVE SECONDS? nerd of the highest order also I love how it teases makoharu fanservice but then wait rei has an orca plushie dryhumping him? and haru ships ALL the reigisa?? LIKE TWOFOLD? and rin is into some self-satisfaction? ah fanservice you cut us off at the knees every time
awkwardly cute ships (•?•) childhood friends ships  (*?*?) one of them being a big dork (•??•?)? ?? all of these combined (•?•??)? ??
Pride and Prejudice jane austen Elizabeth Bennet snapchat bennet book nerds Buzzfeed Books
Nerds Say Nerd Things To Other Nerds
“Membership of Subculture as Made Evident Through Referential Verbal Cues” Linguistic anthropology, Agnes scott College
Poster posters DFTBA nerdfighters dftba records nerds like us unironic enthusiasm
Did u kno that the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! and the creator of Hellboy really admire each other and they...
He’s wearing a fucking Yami shirt he is trash This one doesn’t even need commentary fucking look at it Phenomenal
Illustration star wars artists on tumblr The Force Awakens kylo ren Im so thirsty for these nerds rip me Like for real my family is beginning to worry I was contemplating buying an official Storm Trooper helmet today this isnt supposed to happen
Gina Torres suits i can't i love it charlie's angels donna paulsen sarah rafferty suits usa meghan markle Jessica Pearson rachel zane the fact the cast does bonus clips like this they're all geeks and nerds
* gifs ** otp: folie a deux txfedit mine: txf nerds in love.......................... go away................................. this was during cancer arc and like.. how many times do u think.. he.... anyways.....
1k myedit grid amazingphil danisnotonfire phil lester dan howell aesthetic grid print kinda dont like this but oh well these nerds looked good so i wanted to make a thing
1k * Oscar Isaac John Boyega swedit daisy ridley howlingsoldier minesw swcastedit oscarisaacedit grootmorning daisyridleyedit johnboyegaedit demidameron mineoscar like.... look at these nerds we are hashtag blessed sorry abt the quality all the videos i found were cRAPPY AF QUALITY fuq u instagram
marauders: we’re just so cool and rebelliousmarauders: spend hours upon hours in the library meticulously studying hogwarts, sketching maps, researching magic way beyond their age level  marauders: skool sux get rekt filch
1k my gifs the last of us tlou tlouedit TLOU Edits [whispers] character development these two nerds are so important to me