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Doctor Who News Alert:
The new companion will be revealed THIS SATURDAY, April 23rd! Check back here on Saturday for all of the juicy deets
* doctor who *** peter capaldi long post dwedit new companion Pearl Mackie i cried like 7 times making this even though it required no effort
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DEANCAS so here we go this style is more direct than i usually go for but i wanted to try something new poems for oct 30
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doctor who mine sigh :') i'm so excited peter capaldi Pearl Mackie no wait 2016 needs you guys too!! D: can't wait for set pictures and promotional pictures and trailers and guest stars and for the story of how pearl heard she was gonna be the new companion and COSTUMES!
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* doctor who eleventh doctor rory pond Hmmmm oswin oswald eggs are symbols of birth and fertility but these are broken and or dangerous could be as much to do with the new companion as the ponds
matt smith type: photoset smillan secretly married okay hey HEY MATT remember how karen has left the show and amy's long gone and you're supposed to be promoting a new companion? remember that? just checking because you seem to forget 99% of the time but it's fine man we're cool original stupid face
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