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So I stumbled across a new meme
Feminist Cthulhu
new year who dis
It's always nice making new friends. Send me the url of someone you'd like to see my muse interact w...
new meme
the new meme is
*pulls two pieces of paper out a hat* slug….recruitment  *all of tumblr starts chanting slug recruitment*
So the anti-joke Castiel meme is my new favorite thing ever.
i just it’s so perfect i could cry because he would say all of this omw
my edits my gifs Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor new earth otp: burning up a sun just to say goodbye dwedit it's just so pretty dredits dw gif ask meme new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new earth although 'planet of the ood' was a close second
Send "3, 2, 1..." for a New Year's kiss from my muse.
meme i was bored snake snakes Tag yourself cargsdoodles tag yourself meme and i love this new meme
mods are asleep, new meme:
  what’s this guy looking at on his phone?
new fave meme lol
Dumbledore: I gave Harry to the Dursleys to protect him Professor McGonagall: You fucked up a perfectly good kid is what you did. look at him. He has anxiety.
attention the new meme has been found
it is being nice to each other and having fun every day
when a board game doesn’t have a start player rule
  • Will Graham:is hannibal in love with me?
  • Bedelia:he literally drew fanart of you and him as patroclus and achilles
  • 1:Describe your year in one word
  • 2:Describe your year in three words
  • 3:Describe your year in one sentence
  • 4:Describe your year with song lyrics
  • 5:Describe your year with a quote/quotes
  • 6:Best memories from 2014?
  • 7:Worst memories from 2014?
  • 8:Biggest surprise in 2014?
  • ...
You’ve heard of Happy New year
Now get ready for
Harry Styles One Direction au meme 1D hs au memes 1d au meme harry styles au meme au meme 1d
Ugh, I just got my period and it’s bad, blood (Taylor Swift™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2014©) is everywhere :/