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  • Jamie All Over:Eventually you'll have to wake up and accept what you've lost
  • Black Cat:You will meet people who you really like, but find out later they aren't good for you, and only bring misfortune.
  • When I get home you're so dead:Not everybody is going to love or trust you as much as you love or trust them.
  • Jersey:Don't trust so easily. It's okay to not be okay.
  • If you wanted a song written about you, all you had to do was ask:One way to help get over someone is to remove as many things as possible from your life that remind you of them.
  • Miserable at Best:You're better off without certain people in your life, and some day you'll see that.
  • Walk on water or drown:Music will listen when you feel like breaking down in anybody's arms.
  • Ocean and Atlantic:Everyone needs something to escape.
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bby music lyrics mypost edit hope mayday parade Miserable at Best derek sanders a lesson in romantics i know i'm good for something i just haven't found it yet
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the hobbit being human I AM SORRY but idgaf City of Bones alarm The Tudors aidan turner matterhorn hattie gifem the clinic desperate romantics i forgot to edit the font size on the john schofield one after making the rossetti one i really hate making gifs so this set was a complete torture
being human mal this took so long alarm made by rapingewoks aidan turner being human uk john mitchell dante gabriel rossetti hattie desperate romantics i kept getting distracted i started at like 2 and now it's 4 so i hope to god most of the timelines are right because i had to look shit up on imdb ya feel it felt weird doing that and i didn't like that
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parody The Avengers poetry William Blake John Keats Percy Bysshe Shelley the romantics poets romanticism Lord Byron william wordsworth samuel taylor coleridge Byron's insignia is a goddamn wine glass... I'm laughing so hard. byron's tag 2: electric boogaloo
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