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Naruto fandom be like:
star trek data tng Brent Spiner star trek the next generation doctor pulaski you say tomato i say tomato
harry potter m My art happy holidays hp artists on tumblr the next generation harry potter next generation i hope you like the
the next generation of furries are coming
my gifs star trek worf tng Star Trek: The Next Generation michael dorn Will Riker Jonathan Frakes so of course I had to gif it I'm spending my Thanksgiving watching Star Trek and this happened Worf is always a fave :')
* lord of the rings my stuff lotredit the shire *lotr
art star trek captain picard patrick stewart prints Wil Wheaton data Star Trek: The Next Generation gates mcfadden picard riker LeVar Burton wesley crusher humanism Brent Spiner michael dorn Jonathan Frakes ST:TNG Medieval manuscript troi illuminated manuscript Marina Sirtis dr beverly crusher Kristine Barrett Agnostic Icons
snsd teaser seohyun Dear Santa official
1k kpop snsd !! girls generation gayo daejun obliviatae:snsd gifs 151227
coffee water vodka generation
this generation is so insecure. it’s ok to think your own shit yo. stop letting society make you feel uncomfortable in your own body. You the shit
Asian Kung-Fu Generation 
‘Re:Re’Performed By Asian Kung-Fu GenerationBoku Dake Ga Inai Machi | OP