• next time someone asks me about my celebrity crush I'll show them these •
hannibal mads mikkelsen Mads g:1k mine:graphic g:other plaidfuckers g:hannibal thisaintmydesign next time someone asks me about my celebrity crush I'll show them these cast:hannibal
folieanet tradebabybluesnet this is actually my response everytime someone asks me why i love them
My art Personal journal i have more but all I'm feeling right now is stuck and alone And I thought maybe someone might relate and maybe just nowing that would make me feel just a little bit less alone im just so hurt and so sad and so...angry i don't even know exactly what im angry at this is my art blog not my personal blog i know but a lot more people follow me here and i guess i just need some form of connection to people even if its just a few notes on a dumb comic about myself that show me there are a few people out there that know i'll post them periodically I don't think i'll post these on my personal i don't want them to see this and feel guilty for making me feel like this
gifs 1kgifs sorry Arctic Monkeys idk??? :-/ YES THEY DO jools holland amgifs do i wanna know sooorry i'll do better next time im reeeeally not sure how i feel about these do they look nice?? do they look too lossy??? but i kinda like them tho sorry for these gifs they're shit it was a nice idea TERRIBLE execution
pole pole dancing pole dance
I’ll always encourage the reckless texts confessing your feelings. The kind where you throw your phone after hitting send. I’ll...
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan drawing cartoon ok silly doodle My shite 1d draws crack 1d but sorry about the inactivity lately i am hella busy with uni atm i might colour this later but if i get some free time and i'll answer a few asks but sorry if it takes ages to answer everything theres 20 asks in my inbox eep
Also, the next time somebody asks me what I'm doing with my life...
I’m going to yell “Spoilers” and walk away.
mine ryan haywood free play HE LOOKS LIKE A SMOL CHILD the next time i see someone talking about how crazy and murderous and dark ryan is i'm gonna point them to these pictures
star wars return of the jedi films Luke Skywalker yoda he tried to DIE so he wouldn't have to answer what kind of next level evasive tactic like in all fairness he dies like three minutes later but he seriously tried it he absolutely tried to die faster to avoid luke's question
my life srsly Finals Week so done i surrender Can we fast forward to the part where it's winter break and I got all A's? every time someone asks me this is what I'm going to send them I am so tired and my brain is FRIED i have had no sleep vero-valzer
your celebrity crush by sign
Aries - Lee Pace Taurus - Lee Pace Gemini - Lee Pace Cancer - Lee Pace Leo - Lee Pace Virgo - Lee Pace Libra - Lee Pace Scorpio - Lee Pace Sagittarius - Lee Pace Capricorn - Lee Pace Aquarius - Lee Pace Pisces - Lee Pace
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exo hehehe um Luhan maybe next time plgifs queue-tips i was about to make something else but it just hurts me so nvm pls bear with me for a day or two and i'll go back to my regular posting of gifs um the fade out it's really like that in the vid i didn't do it on purpose
GD & TOP 1 vs 1 battle on Show Me The Money.The judges h...
mine Aang atla katara zuko toph avatar the last airbender iroh the last airbender TLA Ursa roku aunt wu Whenever someone tells me that ATLA is just 'a kid's show' I'll show them this gifset.
harry potter mine hogwarts hp Gryffindor hufflepuff slytherin ravenclaw Houses hogwarts houses hogwart houses hp headcanon hp next gen hp next generation next gen harry potter next gen Headcanon hp next gen Headcanon
long post page stretcher due south should i just have reblogged the old ones?? but i want them on THIS blog??? i'm bad at this someone stop me