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anime japan eating disorder manga comic anorexia Happy Endings
Yoncé: The Last Airbender
i swear people get 500 times cuter when they talk about what they’re passionate about
Rihanna pokemon anime Fanart video games eevee umbreon artists on tumblr gg-doodles
my edits scenery it makes me so happy snk anime scenery AOT this is the post i want to be remembered for snk scenery snk anime you know I really have a thing for those clouds it's ages I wanted to do that I could keep on editing clouds like that endlessly as a tender visual soul blessed with happiness oh hi bertl what brings you there
truth hayao miyazaki anime memes Otaku PREACH studio ghibli dank memes
gif 1k mine anime manga 5k animated text
quote hayao miyazaki anime laputa Kiki's Delivery Service quotes manga Otaku studio ghibli castle in the sky lolicon /a/
pokemon anime Ash Ketchum classic ash s01e58
every fandom has that one character that just didnt deserve it
anime Makoto Shinkai rain Kotonoha no Niwa Garden of words mineM
funny pokemon anime gotta catch em all decisions POkemon starters important decisions true decision
  • Me:*stares into the void*
  • The Void:*stares back*
  • Me:*winks*
  • The Void:*blushes*
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Anime Opening (I’m so sorry)
Tic tac toe sports anime
  • someone:you're cute
  • me:I am an atrocity to god, but thank you
life is .01% better 
me anime expo ax15
My first time at starbucks be like
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