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  • Anaheim Ducks:Are you good at ice skating?
  • Arizona Coyotes:Which arenas have you been to to see a hockey game?
  • Boston Bruins:Pick five hockey players you'd want to hang out with for a day (they can all be either from the same team or different teams).
  • Buffalo Sabres:Do you have a crush on any players? If so, who and describe why.
  • Calgary Flames:Tell us why you hate the player you despise the most.
  • Carolina Hurricanes:Top five favourite goalies?
  • Chicago Blackhawks:When trades occur, what do you do to try to keep your mind off of it?
  • Colorado Avalanche:Who was the first player you've met? Describe what happened at that moment.
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  • Anaheim Ducks:named after the Mighty Ducks Trilogy. Captain is Getzlaf.
  • Arizona Coyotes:originally the Phoenix, but even more originally the originall Winnipeg Jets, Paul Bissonnette
  • Boston Bruins:pain in the ass to whoever plays them, Ryan Miller has issues with Bruin Milan Lucic
  • Buffalo Sabres:The other part of New York, traded their Olympic goalie
  • Calgary Flames:Iginlaless
  • Carolina Hurricanes:collects Staal brothers who are right handed and play offense
  • Chicago Blackhawks:Probably the closest thing to a dynasty.
  • Colorado Avalanche:oh hot damn, the city is cold, but the players are hot.
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Hockey fans couldn’t care less whether or not you accept their sport, whether you think it worthy of coverage, whether it won its time...
  • Friend:Hey are you free next weekend
  • Me:*checks NHL schedule*
  • Me:Sorry I'm busy
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