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Y'all are like a bunch of tweens drawing hearts around your crush’s name except your crush is an old robot with half a face and he’s already beat you to drawing hearts around his name
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Bethesda my poop eva Falloutedit fallout 4 fallout* gamediting nick valentine fallout 4 nick valentine i really wanted to make the caption nick plus this fuckin box
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(': Fallout takahashi Falloutedit fallout 4 gamingedit fo4 spoilers nick valentine ch: Nick Valentine ch: Takahashi vg: Fallout 4 series: Fallout gif: myfallout Nick checking in on friends and old clients is my favourite thing
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  • Fans:We wanna fuck a robot.
  • Bethesda:Ok, here's a robot that looks like a conventionally attractive white man. Have at him.
  • Fans:No..
  • Bethesda:Ok... well this one starts out as a flying orb but you can upload her into a conventionally attractive female body. Is that better?
  • Fans:Nooo...
  • Fans:That one.
  • Bethesda:The one that looks like a beat-up toaster in a fedora? We didn't even animate him a clothes-less body model; he's literally glued into his trench-coat. Half his face is missing.
  • Fans:Perfect.
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nick doesn’t hold back on the burns
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