• nine •
that time andy samberg was a complete savage re: the guys ch...
this man fell for nine seconds
space Astronomy
diet I DON'T KNOW please seriously rant soda Signal Boost diet coke movie theater i am sincerely so irritated long ranting whatever else to tag this hiatus hasn't started yet
feminist Terry Crews brooklyn nine nine men for feminism
popular jon stewart The Daily Show
comic goodnight serious im so tired the pokemon hall of fame wow ive literally spent almost 24 straight hours drawing this bye is the second panel trash or what ???? all the other ones are kind of ok except for that one fucking panel and the first one looks almost exaclt ylike the opening for the good days bad dyas comic??? ive wanted to draw out this concept for a while but i knew it would take a long time and it DID i started at nine in the morning yesterday and it is. almost six in th emorning now green muppet lizard is a character from another older comic about not sleeping and is kind of a little weird representation of me in this monster creature world also i own that yelow sweater and its great thanks ok shit if you sent me an ask recently and youre somehow still reading this ill answer it after im awake again
police politics news nypd police brutality Libertarian Police Misconduct ferguson institutional racism freeblr black lives matter
me about me LGBT bisexual bisexuality
love death child fire family children Hero
harry potter doctor who giveaway The Avengers free stuff box set
I’m opening ‘50 Shades of Grey’ to a random page and posting what I find. Part nine.
Christian Grey put his thumb in my mouth. And then the other one. And then two more. ”Wider,” he said as he put in one more. “I bet you’ve never had this many thumbs in your mouth.” I hadn’t.
art comics artists on tumblr body talk maya draws things the real life of maya kittenpoots kern
brooklyn nine nine B99
Terry Crews Andy Samberg you idiot brooklyn nine nine jake peralta B99 Terry Jeffords
* I know brooklyn nine nine rosa diaz b99*
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