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movies weird fact books bookstore donations Wales build a fort 50 Shades of Grey nobody wants can't recycle
gif beyonce beyedit ohmanis freekumdress yoncehaunted
harry potter hpedit mine:new mine:hp
disappointment sad things The 100 clarke griffin the 100 fandom the 100 meta well i guess Clarke is on her own now
photography photoshoot Black and White vintage actress marilyn monroe 1960s George Barris old hollywood 1962 Classic Hollywood santa monica santa monica beach mmedit
I’m so proud of Seijou. Wish it could’ve been different for them but failure doesn’t erase the progress they’ve made. It doesn’t erase that Oikawa is a great captain who believes in his team who believes in him back, wholeheartedly. It doesn’t erase that Oikawa didn’t cower in front of “natural tale...
im v curious ok so reblog this n put ur favorite smell in the tags
nobody asked for this but here i am to deliver…&helli...
mac myshit it's always sunny in philadelphia Rob McElhenney iasip iasipedit and on the first day god said let there be....mac I just realized i've never giffed him before so yeah have this ugh I just love him so much you guys when he said that he's gay I actually started tearing up which is embarrassing to admit but idc nobody can ever take that away from me
mygif Jinyoung abc park jinyoung jr junior got7 love this fake person srsly i hope nobody misundertands this
chicago beautiful hipster vintage indie Brand New cityscape Pop-Punk urban exploration vsco film photographers on tumblr original photographers canon 6d zarb stayfr-sh jrxdn livingpursuit motivationsforlife banshy se17enteen
1k 5k 500 hip-hop 2500 the cut clapback 750 black twitter thecut nochillatall nobody sleeps better than white people says study rather_un1que genocide is exhausting
when somebody makes a good greek mythology joke
Oh sorry guys, I cant make it into work this fridayI have a special meeting with some very important people
nobody gone gas you up like black people lmfaooo
fav mhm
mr nobody wdywfm
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