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what to say if you go to japan:ごめん、私はバカだからゆっくり話してください(gomen, watashi wa baka da kara yukkuri hanashite kudasai)sorry, i’m a fool so please speak slowlyその靴。。。どこで買ったか(sono kutsu… doko de katta ka)where did you buy those shoes私が死んだら、コンピュータを破壊してください(watashi ga shindara, konpyuta o hakaishit...
gif red pattern wave glitch noise loop
I made the most horrendous noise
  • Smoke:Hot intimite stuff but kill me also
  • St. Patrick:You are a cinnamon roll and I can't stop talking about it
  • My House:I invited you but you were rude and now i changed my mind
  • Holy:Fuck your cross, I'm gay
  • White Noise:Netflix and chill?
  • Fire:You wanted to ruin yourself and wouldn't even let me help you lol bye
  • Eyelids:You're too far away for me to touch your butt ;(
  • Mirrors:I'm going to stand outside your window at night creepily till you love me
  • ...
white noise white tears BLM black lives matter all lives matter
gif art trippy design motion graphics noise cinema 4d
iceland Post-Hardcore noise rock
exclusive footage of me bothering my cat
study sounds masterpost
here are some of my favorite ambient noise tracks to play when studying. enjoy! (note: i did not create these, i just found them online)Harry Potter Hogwarts libraryHagrid’s hutSlytherin common roomGryffindor common roomHufflepuff common roomRavenclaw common roomGryffindor dorm/Christmas at Hogwarts...
me, in public, talking to a crow: hi ominous shadow bird! are you a harbinger? I bet you are! what a good little harbinger of death you are!
my gif bts Bangtan suga yoongi i dont understand what is he saying at the beginning cause there's too much noise it was hard to even get this
paris hq love me the 1975 Matt Healy matthew healy matty healy i like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
mine edit MY BABE Sam Claflin thgcastedit sclaflinedit dailysamclaflin i just made involuntary a really weird noise
mine edits info white noise pvris lynn gunn alex babinski brian macdonald Justin Nace band 101
Han: what the fuck is that noise?! Leia: Ben is ‘searching f...
reality outside low david bowie tonight labyrinth ziggy stardust space oddity heroes pin-ups aladdin sane hours blackstar Lodger Let's Dance heathen Earthling the man who sold the world Scary Monsters the next day Diamond Dogs Station To Station Hunky Dory young americans Never Let Me Down black tie white noise the buddha of suburbia