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rose rose quartz pearl nona draws steven universe pearlrose oh hey look content Yes hi I still draw things I swear
Adventure Time corndogs jake the dad not gonna tag every pup by name jeez nona draws
pearl nona draws steven universe meanwhile on twitter alexandrite stevonnie yeah that's Pearl as Rebellion Story!Homura because reasons Not sure why Stevonnie ended up with band-aids but that's a thing.
pearl this was the first thing i thought of nona draws steven universe peridot meanwhile on twitter inktober back to the barn back to the barn spoilers
we need to talk long post nona draws steven universe keeping it together stevenbomb sworn to the sword rising tides/crashing skies chille tid going for a kind of luminous thing for lack of a better word?
? pearl we need to talk nona draws steven universe meanwhile on twitter story for steven I finally joined the Drawing Pearl Impaled (Optionally: By Flowers) Club tw impalement
the answer ruby pearl amethyst opal sapphire long post garnet nona draws steven universe peridot Blue Diamond Message Received yellow diamond stevenbomb log date 7 15 2 yellow pearl steven's birthday it could've been great stevenbomb 4 super late on these but yes
Steven connie nona draws steven universe haven't felt like this about a cartoon in a good long while AT included though I was pretty hyped up about it for a long time so I guess it was a close second it's just burned me too many times I guess? blah I'm rambling at nobody in the tags again anyway SU is great go watch it
opal just sayin' malachite garnet nona draws steven universe rainbow quartz alexandrite sugilite stevonnie gem fusions sardonyx confession: I actually really like Alexandrite's design even though only her head ended up in this thing anyway here have a bunch of gem fusions floating in a featureless white void as thanks for putting up with me on social media not much in the way of color unity but whatevs
gif 1k anime monochrome nona *dp Death Parade kurokami no onna nona ginta
1k mygifs my nona 540px Death Parade mydeathparade
mygif nona dpgif Death Parade ginti dpspoiler clavis
1k mygifs my nona 540px Death Parade mydeathparade
gifs eyes graphics color splash nona chiyuki Death Parade Decim death parade gif dpgraphics
Nona Limmen
mine alice in chains jerry cantrell the nona tapes
gifs spoilers mine nona Death Parade i'm gonna miss this anime
nona Death Parade Decim kurokami no onna ginti clavis
* mine 1k* nona t: gifset dpedit death billiards Death Parade a: death parade char: nona