• nope •
Welp time to see that update I WAS WRONG IT IS NOT TIME TO SEE THAT UPDATE
doctor who matt smith christmas special feels The Fall of the Eleventh
So I was at a thrift store and I see this little cat lamp. I was like “Aye yo, no homo, but ya’ll are fuckin’ adorable.”So I bought the lil’ guy and took him home to plug him in. Then I was like “No.”
so there i was walking home when something caught my attention across the road hmm what is that hold on is that… no it cant be nope NOPE
ORAS spoilers Caroline plays omega Ruby I'M GETTING DINNER NOW
justin bieber Michael Jackson hahahaha no
So I had a dream that I was auditioning for Sherlock and when they gave me the lines I was supposed to read I totally blanked and all I could think about was the Doctor Who theme song so I just started singing “WEEE OOOO” and everyone stared at me until Steven Moffat just slowly clapped....
I saw hell with my own eyes.
now with twice the despair!
1k edit exo Kris NOPE NOPE NOPE drsqe
nike Soccer nope swoosh NAILED it soccer goal betterforit
itachi uchiha sasuke uchiha nope lol no NOPE NOPE NOPE naruto manga naruto 663
creepy creepypasta nope nightmares slender man slenderman creepy pasta Nightmare Fuel NOPE NOPE NOPE oh hell no the tall man der großmann
mine tyler hoechlin tw cast nope nope nope nope
scary creepy video game nope silent hill pt terrifying NOPE NOPE NOPE shit my pants silent hills playable teaser
sherlock The seriously feels mary bbc1 cantcope
creepy creepypasta nope SCREW THIS NOPE NOPE NOPE
mine creepy shit n shit WOW THOSE TAGS MADE SENSE
scary funny W