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1k MY EDIT RWBY RWBYedit nora valkyrie keep this trend going rt have nora skip in every volume
RWBY lie ren nora valkyrie jnpr renora team sloth RWBY ask blog TAJNPRR ask blog
film sundance film festival Keke Palmer John Boyega nora zehetner Sufe Bradshaw imperial dreams Malik Vitthal
RWBY lie ren nora valkyrie jnpr renora rwby3 Ep 8 had so many cute and bittersweet moment i want to draw T.T but exams sigh erinyeart
Nora ebisu yato nedit kazuma bishamon yukine noragami tsuyu Tenjin Daikoku noragamiedit kofuku
my gifs gilmore girls lorelai gilmore Luke Danes luke x lorelai gilmoregirlsedit burningupasun otp: i just like to see you happy nick & nora/sid & nancy lol i love lorelai gonna gif more gg i promise
Nora yato noragami noragami aragoto
gifs The Flash oliver queen by nora arrowedit thea queen theflashedit
photoset gif spoilers mine yato noragami *nora noragami aragoto
meusposts Nora yato bishamon yukine noragami Bishamonten 10op
death weird vintage bizarre
RWBY nora valkyrie SHE'S SO GOOD... SOB honestly tbh tbh honest im lovin volume 3 in general tbh honest i WAS GONNA DRAW REN TOO..... I WANNA DRAW EM ALL her hammer tho.... lmfao that is not drawn right
my gif yato yatogami yukine noragami *nora noragamiedit this was more awesome in the manga but i think it played out nicely here
gifs s4 4x04 oliver queen by nora arrowedit thea queen felicity smoak arrow spoilers
Nora: *throws a peace sign up right before murdering her opponent*
ruby rose Zwei RWBY Blake Belladonna Weiss Schnee yang xiao long Jaune Arc pyrrha nikos lie ren nora valkyrie Dumb_RWBY
Signs as AHS: Murder House Characters
my original ahs: murder house postaries - chad warwick: controlling, straightforward, passionatetaurus - addie langdon: stubborn, down to earth, dependablegemini - hayden mcclaine: talkative, intellectual, indecisive cancer - nora montgomery: emotional, nurturing, caringleo - constance langdon: conf...
I’ll tell you this, when love comes, when the arrow strikes the heart, there’s no stopping it. And even bleeding is a pleasure.
If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re alwa...
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