• not what he seems •
* cute dad grandpa life positivity NO IDEA WHAT TO TAG THIS WITH BUT IT'S SO CUTE OH MY GOD????
kitty cat cats kitten kitteh meow kittens kitties
Nicki Minaj Queen
mine barack obama Russia bubbles POTUS has this been made already sass master in which he is not having any of ur dumb shit
gif manip brave frozen elsida merilsa merelsa NOT RAPPING FUCK OFF
film i mindlessly save inages that remind me how romantic i am and how i deal with men 90% of the time these films had nothing to do with it but it's a very good representation to abusive and manipulative people who thinks you owe them a lot like what I've been through & what we're going through right now
RIGHT so when I started my sociology course in college, my teacher stated us off with ‘well I guess we have to do icebreakers. i’m Jon, and I fear bears. why do I fear bears? because bears can run at 30 miles per hour and Chester Zoo is 30 miles away. that means a bear can be outside this door in an...
love amazing aww fb Inspiring
“My little brother found grandma’s wig, and then…”
funny school asleep prank that's what he gets
gif film i think bollywood uhhhh infanticide Rekha lajja rekha ganesan this movie literally destroyed me jesus fix it what do i tag this as...
Soccer Aid Team England the is not such thing as too much happy louis he is beaming such a happy team member hot water prank june2016
LOL funny Anatomy medicine anecdote patients
gif LOL funny couple gifs haha mine lmao comedy video not mine HAHAHA ahaha ex call of duty cod vine guy problems custom gif my ex vine video notesss zach and carley
new year capricorn 2013 Horoscpe
funny photo wtf screencap why phineas and ferb screenshot what the hell did I just do? why do I think i'm funny?
kitty cat cat adoption dont shop adopt special needs cat 3-legged cat 1 eyed cat
police police abuse
sun: makes the slightest show of light around the horizonevery bird, ever: THE GLOWING HATE ORB HAS SHOWN ITS FACE, IT IS TIME TO SCREAM
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