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Not cool
Hey guys! I know this goes out to about 0.1% of you but it’s really not cool posting pictures from my personal Facebook. I don’t even know how you got them. Some of the people in these pictures don’t want them on the internet for work reasons so you’ve now put me in a really ...
god what have we done to deserve this
my gif chris pine this means war so that's what god was doing not cool god not cool
i love when religious dudes are like “jacking off isn’t a sin but it is frowned upon” like god’s watching me pummel my meat with a big sour look on his face like “technically this is my fault for not being more specific but i’m not happy with this at all”
happy halloween! unless you ship jily then miserable miserable halloween miserable
  • one direction in 2012:hey everyone we're having a us arena tour in 2013 even though its more than a year away and we haven't recorded the album yet tickets go on sale in 3 days hope you all can make it xx
  • one direction in 2013:hey everyone we're having a reunion concert in 2030 even though we're still together zap tickets go on sale in .2 milliseconds get them while they're hot xx
  • one direction in 2030:hey everyone we're having an afterlife concert in 2100 tickets on sale in negative .1 milliseconds get them while you can xx
  • one direction in 2100:hey everyone we're having a reincarnation/resurrection concert in 3000 ft. our special guest Jesus! don't forget to reincarnate yourself into another body/soul so you can get your tickets that went on sale 45 years ago PS. for presale you have to confess your past sins to a priest aha love ya :D x x
College is cool because if you relax for a minute then you’re all of a sudden failing 11 classes even though you’re only taking 5
text Cool amazing not mine cigarette addiction not my edit aesthetic aesthetics
* glee blaine anderson whatever BAand and/or judging people idk idk how i feel about this psd it's very cool i'm not used to cool psds cool as in cool colors i'm sorry i'm not being cocky or whatever i don't think my psd is like ..... cool.......... i forgot tot tag glee
red cute text Cool white Awesome heart text post satan cool stuff go away NOT TODAY sad day aesthetic happy day aesthetics cool text quote post not today satan
Illustration black skull study ink Sketch bw doodle Romantic sketchbook dollar illustrators on tumblr handpoked fineliner sticknpoke jinjja-cool ...not
mine okay cool omg is it bad that the first thing that i thought of when i saw okay cool was this sorry im not funny
gif Cool weed smoke Awesome pot 420 high stoner stoned not mine smoke weed notmine get high blaze blazed cool gif grinder keif smoke pot keif scrape
gif Cool music nirvana Grunge 90's not my gif pearl jam alice in chains soundgarden chris cornell hell yeah cds old is cool
homestuck johndave sketches arts hammertime Dave is cool 'cause he's uncool John doesn't care if people think he's cool or not and that is what makes him cool flustered Dave = yes
I don’t know why but I really like the idea of Derek who for reasons he doesn’t understand can still transform into a full wolf (not that he ever could in canon but let’s assume it’s an alpha thing that he could do and that he can still do as a beta/omega/whatever he is now) And he changes into a wo...
5k others TylerOakley Tyler Oakley 8k Momma Oakley his mom is really cool my mom is cool too but not like his mom
when you show someone your art and they say “wow! so thats like anime, right?”  and youre like
still the hobbit doodles not cool boop Thranduil Thorin silly comics but well thrandy was having a bad day or bad age actually not a very good life tbh not cool thrandy