• not gonna say its the prettiest set i've made... •
my edits Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor otp: burning up a sun just to say goodbye dwedit dredits rtdedit i'm gonna set this to publish later today don't want to hit you with TOO many depressing graphics in a row i'll let that happy one i queued post first haha and then BAM THIS MUAHAHA also this is the first still graphic i've made in ages
* film MY EDIT satoshi kon kon satoshi studio madhouse Millennium Actress satoshi kon meme my edit:millennium actress I think I spoiled the whole movie sorry for the longest post I've made nope I'm actually not sorry I finally made my own rainbow set inspired by some I've seen on tumblr and decided to do one of my own had a blast if I say so myself made one of Akira but meeeeh don't know if I'll post it or not any who I apologize for anyone who read this boring tag
mine 5k not sure 100 frozen +100 lots of notes Disneyedit i've gotten addicted to making gifs frozen spoilers frozenedit *frozen kirsten bell tbh i think i liked the secondary characters more than the main cast (minus elsa) i just know they had a great set of characters I am amazed at how THIS set is the most popular of the ones I've made
loki i say this as a fan of the avengers comics and movie and stop fucking saying 'loki'd' i dont care if tom hiddleston made it up its not funny anymore
glee mygifs2 now that i've made this i'm gonna go find the nearest active volcano and jump in it have a greay day
artwork Thor idek loki WIP Laufey DADDY ISSUES jotun random loki things wippy thing not sure im gonna finish it helmet kink i havent done anything digital in forever ok i know it sucks asgard i-made-it asgard i made it asgard arts
So, I just realized that Hussie gave us a morality play about how overindulgence in drugs and alcohol, and especially a reliance in such things as a coping mechanism to deal with the sometimes harsh realities of life, is a Bad Thing. He directed this moral lesson at teenagers. On the internet. AND I...
** vogue emma stone 1000plus this is like the prettiest I've ever seen her just wow
mine lauren jauregui dinah jane hansen otp: maybe they're just meant to hug my face all the time [cries] otp i could write paragraphs about how much i care about this dynamic and i'm not gonna lie to you i almost did just write a paragraph and a half on them in the tags but then i noticed a typo and the fact that i was just rambling about faces and i had to go back oh i forgot to tag laurnah I'VE MADE SO MANY MISTAKES
my edits the vampire diaries delena ok i'll remake this crap once i get webdl and you all SO knew i was gonna make this set jordan i've been thinking about you the entire time kirkwoodisinoregon giffing all the little touches because HANDS
mine anne hathaway The Dark Knight Rises Selina Kyle I've been in photoshop for too long I can't say if the gif's okay or if it looks like crap okay I made this just because I wanted to say that I'd like to have Anne's face
polish Poland this is lame polska and I'm wondering when will I delete this ok I am not inspired enough but I decided that if I've already made this I'M GONNA PUBLISH
Greatest Hits Transistor insp Jen Zee transistor tag 100% definitely just made this bc i had not yet seen the first image in this set and i cant believe i only just saw it and. its so pretty heck first popular post of new blog hella
gif7 :( R.I.P richard griffiths not the prettiest gif but i wanted do something
* tegan and sara iratustegan okay shutting up now hehehehehe i bet you were expecting another gifset because it's all i can do for you lol sorry for beign talentless anyway WEEE ITS UR BDAY *sprinkles confetti all over u* *sings happy bday song v loud so everyone hears* *hugs u really tight and kind of like jumps around u being v happy* *grabs bday cake and smashes ur face against it like sara did to tegan* *runs bc if i ever do that im a dead woman* anyway uh i guess i've said it all???? happy bday ilu like A LOT V MUCH U DON'T EVEN UDNERTSTAND?? enjoy ur day EH u deserve it!!!! also all these gifs r us i hope ppl get the message the last one pFFF not even gonna comment the accuracy is absurd i tried not to use the same moments but five days left is a classic??? and like idk i hope you like this piece of shit bc it was made w/ lots of luv eh (should i start a tag: bricks' bday) (and tag all the gifsets i'll ever make for ur bday so u'll know where to find them to reblog them every november 13th) (bc i know ur a lil shit like that) (anyway sorry happy bday ilu bye) ((i know you're not online rn but it's midnight so i'm posting this and u can check it out when u show up weee))
1k * The Hunger Games THG katniss everdeen hunger games Katniss thgedit *graphic proud of this wow its been ages since i've made something and this is what i present now doesnt really make up for it but shh also the maine lyrics are becoming an obsession with me
photoset gerard way my chemical romance mcr smoking gerard smoking do not repost these separately i think this is one of the best things i've ever made
myedits teen titans avatar the last airbender oh well raven roth finally i made it rachel roth azarath metrion zinthos its gonna bother me if I didn't make it hmmm but the gradients came out wrong PRAISE TO MY 2 FAVORITE CARTOONS and I KNOW THATS NOT FIRE BUT WHATEVER BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND ANOTHER SCENE WHERE SHE CONJURES FIRE I should sleep now because I have class in a few hours
sherlock martin freeman john watson bbc sherlock the hounds of baskerville a study in pink quality television woodland fairy still can't believe the set i've made that has the most notes is from when i barely knew how to gif