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sometimes you're better off not knowing.
So Niall signed a marriage certificate in Germany not knowing what it was .
Today, I fucked up... by not knowing my own name until I was ten
My name is Samuel, but until I was about 10 I didn’t realise this. Everyone had called me Sam all my life and that’s how I had learned to write my name. One day in primary school I was looking at the list of the class’s names in the wall (to have stickers and stuff put next too if ...
joe gilgun Idiots joseph gilgun mygifs:*jg misfits:s5 and once again Mr. Gilgun amuses me by not knowing his name misfits:cast
Looking at a test and not knowing what a single question means
FMA Royai but really??? I mean I know they work together but??? I can't die not knowing what happens????
my gifs nintendo earthbound mother 3 shigesato itoi it is my dream to see this reblogged by hipsters not knowing its from an obscure 2006 video game
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ok no one did the other one so let's do this instead
1.) Give me a pairing.2.) Give me an AU setting.3.) I will write you a three-sentence fic.
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The South Korean govt. is trying to gather and control private information of the citizens, much lik...
the 새누리당 (a political party in south korea) passed the law so currently the politicians from the 더불어민주당 (another political party in south korea) are doing a filibuster to stop the law from being passed, so please go watch the live stream or at least have it play in the background if you can.
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When you listen to your iPod on the street
And you walk in time to the music.
gif love cute movie titanic sweet aww meet where i In the Morning happen i love gonna waking up rose and jack Wind up not knowing what's who I'm
mine gifs* Andrew Garfield peter parker aggraphics marveledit andrew is so good at being peter he brings so much to the role so apparently it was itsy bitsy spider wELL IM SORRY FOR NOT KNOWING A NURSERY RHYME FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY give me a fucking break jesus
gif Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho careful there lol