• not sure that i'm even making that much sense •
nice boobs and nice ass isn’t a requirement from my girl. like i ain’t gon turn down a shawty wit a perfect personality and a beautiful face cause she don’t got no body. body is icing on the cake but pound cake ain’t got no icing and i fuck wit that heavy. 
Korra the legend of korra lok Asami Sato Korrasami lokedit I woke up this morning and I saw that message from Bryan and I got so emotional I cried for some time and got late to uni because this isn't about your otp winning a stupid fandom ship war; it stopped being about it when korrasami actually happened because it is just so much SO MUCH yes some cartoons did have minor queer couples that they managed to slip in their episodes but it NEVER was about the title character the face of the whole show not in a western media and do you know what are the stories about queer ladies are? these that you as a teenager try to find in secret afraid of family and friends these are the stories in which in 90% of cases women like you struggle for love and acceptance only for a brief moment after which it will all crash down and one of the women will die it's like some cruel lesson that is being repeated over and over again: if you are a queer woman you will never be happy and now seeing Korra final seeing the progression of this relationship and seeing the beautiful point on which they stop... I don't know it just gives you that feeling that maybe everything will be alright and i'm just rambling a lot and i'm sorry i'm just very emotional all over again not sure that i'm even making that much sense oh yes and this is for you anon that asked me to gif something with bryan's quotes
when ed sheeran said that niall just sits in the corner and does nothing he was right
doctor who amy pond karen gillan g i have a ton of work to do so of course i made this instead of doing it \o/ i'm not even sure i like it that much i def like the bottom part though
mine jonathan toews Patrick Kane it doesn't even matter nhl revealed i'm pretty sure it's not actually 'throw that in' but i couldn't really figure it out the point of this gif set is 'peeksy' and obviously baby but he says that a lot so if anyone knows what jonny actually says let me know and i'll fix it at first i thought 'floor that win' which makes no sense
doctor who eleventh doctor mine:photoset I really love this PSD a lot okay Also that first gif was being annoying But can I just talk about this gifset for a minute though? The Doctor treats Earth and the human race as his second family of sorts He travels almost entirely with humans and he spends quite a lot of time on earth He loves humans and has made that very clear Especially during The Eleventh Hour when the Atraxi questions him about Earth And he says No but I've put a lot of work into it or whatever it was So it's really curious to see how the Doctor's character has evolved over time In Eleven's beginning he was still a bouncy little puppy He loved everything and particularly his curious little humans But as his character continues to grow I guess he starts to become more weary? I'm not really sure what it is but there is a noticeable change in his character It's not so much that he grows more skeptical of the humans More that he knows he's going to die I guess So he starts to finally put himself first instead of his humans I don't even know if I'm making sense anymore but let me continue In TIA he knows he's about to die So he remarks longingly about the humans that he loves so much Resigning himself to the fact he's going to die and leave Earth behind as a WIP But in Closing Time he's preoccupied with himself and his Farewell Tour Pretending that he doesn't care about his humans because he's going to leave them and pretending he doesn't care would make leaving them ... a lot easier But in the end he really does care and helps Craig save the earth from the Cybermen So I guess in true tl;dr versions The Doctor loves the Earth and the human race They're probably his favourite species
yo automatically labelling every guy wearing a dress genderqueer/trans* is harmful, because what you are basically saying is that no man can ever engage in femininity -  whereas women have been wearing trousers and suits for years and yet those traditionally masculine items of clothing are ‘ge...
Why i hate the word "Thot"
I got head from this girl i worked with at a party. right? we at work the next week, im tellin a story. in the middle of me tellin the story she throws some shirts at me and says “nigga help me fold these shirts” so i say “nah you THOUGHT! better do that shit your self!” She goes the fuck off “ I AI...
*gif les mis les miserables Eddie Redmayne aaron tveit hmmm barricade boys does this gifset even make sense i think i'm gonna remake this when the movie leaks also i think that might be eponine in the last gif but i can't be sure
Firefly Serenity Simon Tam personal fave Gena makes stuff Gena's gifs fireflyedit fsedits This coloring isn't even exaggerating. Simon really is in that much shadow. You can barely see his face. Poor Sean. Standing in the dark. This concept though. I'm sure one could argue the 'he's not connected to them' bit but I think of it in terms of 'Serenity' and how strained Simon's relationship is with the crew and his ongoing struggle to allow himself to be part of this family (out of fear in my opinion of this very thing they're discussing) and how twenty minutes before he made the decision to leave this group. In /that/ sense he isn't connected to them. He hasn't yet allowed himself to be. And it's cool to mark Simon as the outsider in this moment; as the odd one out through lighting. It makes me happy.
how cold is it to try to shut someone up by using their best friend’s new demo five days after he left the band they were in together for 5 years….
:( *gifs life sucks Teen Wolf For real ughhh allison argent i'm so sAD twedit ILL MISS YOU SO MUCH friendly reminder that scott mccall would rather die instead of living in a world without Allison Argent GOOD BYE MY PRINCESS like I don't think I have ever cried so much over a character's death before she deserved so much better I refuse to gif her death I can't even look at that scene without tearing up a bit and this is like not a sad photoset I started making it before the episode aired :( because I was almost sure she was safe :((((((
  • what she says:kaneki ken did nothing wroooooong!
  • what she means:I understand that Kaneki is not free of flaws and has made many questionable decisions throughout the course of the series. But we can't deny the fact that he's just a guy whose life has been utter shit even prior to becoming a half-ghoul. No one deserves to have their life spiral out of control like that just for wanting a quiet book date. All I want is for him to find peace, and because it feels like the entire tokyo ghoul universe is actively depriving him of that, the easiest way I can vocalize this feeling is through using an overused expression.
writings love mine sad I DON'T KNOW writing sigh okay journal bye i'm sad diary entries unrequitted love diary entry i'll shut up I have no idea why I was writing this maybe I'm sad a little sad maybe my mind is insane
1k MY EDIT 5k 10k i tried lotredit series: lord of the rings hobbitedit series: the hobbit botfa spoilers winterthirst text post meme howlingsoldier i'm going to h ell for making fun of faramir so much anD THORIN BBy I'M SORry these are so much fun i'm  sorry i'm really not that funny pft
mine carmilla natasha negovanlis carmillaedit i hate myself so not only am i watching it again but i'm making gifs now is that even a real tag that people use? natasha reblogged just in case i want to find it again
"honey, i’m pregnant." “hello pregnant,” he whispers, tears of joy in his eyes. “i’m dad.”
tbh, i find the emergence of the concept of demisexuality very interesting, and i’m partial to thinking it’s a symptom of hypersexualized patriarchal culture that demands full sexual availability of women. wanting to develop an emotional bond before having sex is actually a very common a...
friends: what do you want to do? my brain: die me @ my brain: we can’t say that. these people don’t understand casual existential despair