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Not What He Seems
Hey everyone!  If you don’t know, there’s a new episode of Gravity Falls airing tonight and man oh man is it a doozy!  I’m going to take off my writer/employee hat for a minute and just be a fan.  I really love Gravity Falls as a show- partly because of the amazing characters and t...
I just want the next episode to consist entirely of Dipper going
  • Gravity Falls fandom, 2013:Guys, I know this may seem a little far-fetched, but...I think Stan might have a secret twin. I know, it sounds dumb, but look. I have a few screencaps of license plates and memories that I think point towards some guy named Stanley...OMG, and what if he's the Author too?
  • Gravity Falls fandom, 2015:BOTTOM'S UP AND THE DEVIL LAUGHS
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What do any of us really know about Grunkle Stan? Not What H...
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The new Gravity Falls, essentially.
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Gravity Falls Signs
Aries - Mabel “I’d ANYTHING for the ones I love! (even if I have to punch them in the face)”Taurus - Wendy“I’m lazy and I wanna go home”Gemini - Old Man McGucket“You can run, but I’ll still be in your niiightmares!” “…….”Cancer - Dipper“Hi I like spendind time with the ones I lov...
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