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1k sherlock john watson bbc sherlock gif: sherlock a study in pink just Unaired Pilot otp: lost without my blogger why didn't they include this in asip tell me one fucking reason why in asip it's like watson doesn't know what to say and is stunned by sherlock (which he is anyway) but it's not fair idk i think the pilot's version is so watson-y it seems like a thing he'd definitely say and putting the gayness aside - this is a brilliant scene ok also wtf is wrong with tumblr's new upload system jfc
my gif iron man tony stark bw my graphic Iron Man 2 my marvel marveledit okayophelia ironmanedit marvelgif the iron man movies are laser focused on this dichotemy: tony begins in the MCU as a merchant of death who by creating weapons of mass destruction leaves death and destruction in his wake and then of course he goes through a life changing experience and he decides that death will not be his legacy tony puts his energy into creating the suits i know we don't really see tony pre-capture too much but to me it seems that once he stops destroying outwardly he has to put that energy /somewhere/ for of course energy is neither created nor destroyed of course (iconically) he creates an element in the destroyed husk of his former lab in iron man 2 his need for self-destruction is most apparent with the booze and the risk taking and whatnot but i'd argue his sacrifice in avengers is up there in terms of walking into death's arms in IM3 he creates suits until his body nearly breaks and through the breaking he finds that tony stark is more than his toys more than the things he can make and he always has been; he is more than the destruction he caused and the creation of the suit take away the suit and what are you? iron man. that's who.
louis tomlinson my edits ... because hey. why not don't act like you're not used to balls coming at your face i kid i kid! or maybe i don't only he knows what he likes and the other naked people in his life he probably tells them what he enjoys
gifs titanic Jack and Rose antostuff TitanicEdit scene: multi scene: promise I've been wanting to make this gifset for /years/ but I never had the proper inspiration to do it justice I just wanted to illustrate what I think went through Rose's mind in those few seconds when she closes her eyes because evidently she wants to give up and die with him but I always imagine she recalled all these memories and Jack's life lessons like how they always say when you die your life flashes before your eyes everything replayed up to the point where she made her promise because that's what snaps her out (that's why I turned it into color) it makes her realize that she has to go on and live to fulfill that promise not only for the sake of keeping her word but to honor his existence and make his sacrifice matter by living the life and freedom he gifted her
mygifs doctor who Billie Piper Rose Tyler Christopher Eccleston nine x rose Doctor Who Confidential my stuff: doctor who dwcrewatch
aladdin magi magi: the labyrinth of magic titus alexius magii gif my magnostadt bbys hehehee
1k flawless people how nope nikolaj coster-waldau got cast jpics gotcastedit this shouldn't be allowed ncwaldauedit too gorgeous for words
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It’s interesting how women are considered to be incapable of serving effectively in combat while simultaneously being required to practice constant vigilance against violent threats as part of their everyday lives.
:) cuties anna kristoff kristanna Also a message for people you don't have to flirt just go with what you feel its going to end for the better
in a lot of interviews of ben c they’re always like “the most posh man in hollywood” and i just
mine supernatural Misha Collins rob benedict spnedit supernaturaledit pretty much that's not what he meant
nelson mandela please lets not forget what he was about okay
tim burton johnny depp edward scissorhands winona ryder missavagardner johnkrasinski mynewgifs* ruthwilson youmustfaceyourmortality halloweenmovies edwardscissorhandsgifs
bbc sherlock johnlock animated gifs boring i like sheet
twitter rape sexual assault Signal Boost rape culture vine tw rape tw sexual assault curtis lepore viner jessi smiles so not only is he a rapist he's a fucking liar Vera house fucking scum of the earth
1k my edits David Tennant Billie Piper david x billie otp: he's my little bambi i don't know it just happened leave me a lone i'm still overly excited that they are coming back and damn it if i ever ship the hell out of them. it's their own falts though they did this my doctor who edits
justin bieber mine words twitter Jared Padalecki gender Transphobia misogyny tw: misogyny tw: transphobia misgendering tw: misgendering big tw tw: jared padalecki