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1k MY EDIT 2k 500 ouat Regina Mills ouatedit reginamillsedit Regal Believer what's studying when you can spend two days straight giffing instead? I'd add apprentice and teacher too but I didn't feel like crowding a gifset this time I'm sure someone would've done this already but hey now I am too hi nice to meet you xo *not tagging anything else because I tried it and ran out of space* *I mean because I'm too cool and don't have OCD at all. That's why*
have you ever not liked someone in a romantic way and everything is cool and all then they do something small like touch your shoulder or say something funny and you just kind of freeze and think oh oh no
star wars sorry not sorry sw edit star wars original trilogy text post meme sw-edit if you have been following my headlong dive into a star wars fandom renaissance you knew this was coming also when I've made these in other fandoms I've tried to see what text meme edits people have already done so I don't unintentionally do something someone else did first but sw fandom seems way too big for me to do that effectively here so if anyone has already done any of these sorry dudes
anastasia 20th century fox don bluth so... ;] *mygifs NonDisneyEdit musical numbers garnetyuna anastasiaedit anyway i'm proud of this donbluthedit cause it's not and i worked hard on it I was inspired by all the Disney musical numbers I saw if this has been already done by someone else I'm sorry but I didn't knew I saw a similar post like this made by other pps I was quite sad and then Kenya told me she had it on her requests too I didn't know that when I made this set but if I knew it I wouldn't have spent my free time to make this cause yeah her gifs are better ya know but this has been on my drafts for days (now weeks lol) and I don't think I possess the courage to delete it so yeah I'll still publish it but don't think this has been copied from someone else sorry for the long tag spam
sunggyu infinite gpx:infinite can you not do this to me please I HOPE MY TRANSLATIONS ARE CORRECT? compared with someone else and it was close enough o DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR SQUISHYNESS CRIES did you shave off your happy trail too wtf istg if you did... WHY THE HAPPY TRAIL HAS TO EXIST TO BE SUNGGYU YOU CAN'T JUST SHAVE THAT OFFFFFF i was all like OMG OPPAR NO OMG SKIN OMG SUNGGYU WH AT when i saw a jpg of his tummy but then i watched the clip and i was laughing so hard cause he literally flashed for like a quarter of a second i forgot 'be' between possible lmao oh thank you to  the person that helped me confirm the translation ;;
doctor who But oh well rose so too late besides clara oswald the rings of akhaten sorry if everyone else has gotten this already and i'm just behind i probably should have said ''died'' rather than ''was killed'' but it's already been reblogged she was only 44 and it's the whoniverse CHANCES ARE NATURAL CAUSES WERE NOT INVOLVED okay fine i went back and changed it not like anyone is reblogging it from me anymore
"Sehee" breaking up with Chanyeol 
140110 Sukira Drama Skit [trans cred]C: guess who~~ S: don’t do this.┬áC: ...
Short Hair
Mulan OST 
Book 4 Korra be like
i hate twilight
mystuff destiel ntw spncrack destielcrack deancascrack i waited too long for someone else to DO IT so i DID IT myself and you know why? because i don't let my gif ideas be gif ideas SHIASTIEL FOR THE WIN
1k mine niam But oh well here you go anon :) i saw someone else already giffed it too
My art doodle undertale but i was wrong has someone done this already mettaton ex i was bored and saw the emofuri program on my computer and i was like...yes...i can do this this was not worth the pain
tony stark Thor I'M NOT SORRY I'm not sorry at all anti-joke thor marvel memes actually i am sorry but only if someone else already did this other than that
gif taylor swift candy swift tswiftgif this has been sitting in my drafts for 2 months
1k mystuff Broadway wicked spring awakening g* kinky boots Newsies i dont know what else to tag this as bway bc i dont wanna tag everything i hope someone hasnt already done something like this
doctor who dw spoilers sigh dwedit clara oswald twelfth doctor whouffaldi whouffle too i guess the heartbreak when he loses her is gonna drive me into the ground
! k tom hiddleston jan Rachel Weisz The Deep Blue Sea freddie page okay so this scene basically broke me because first of all his acting is super and i'm not being bias because i like this face and whatver its because it's a perfectly good reason to break up with someone when someone is just so clogged and overwhelmed it was so realistic and i loved it because it made me think well what happens if someone didn't like me anymore because of this reason what do i do when i'm too emotionally fucked up for someone to handle and yeah things like that a plus on acting for both of them