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  • Me:you should watch this show.
  • Them:let's watch the show.
  • Me:okay but wait you have to like, commit okay you have to pay attention and appreciate the details and the plots and not hate it and- I know the beginning starts out silly and it's like a silly show but I PROMISE I just love it a lot just listen and love it too but you might not actually maybe don't watch it never watch it
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  • Bruce:This year I lost my BFF Superman. He was the best. We both had moms named Martha, and liked to wear capes--
  • Clark:(from inside the coffin) QUIT TELLING EVERYONE I'M DEAD!
  • Bruce:*wipes away tear* Sometimes I still hear his beautiful, beautiful voice.
staff im still not over that no notes meme
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  • me:*closes eyes in a peaceful attempt at sleep*
  • my brain:....
  • me:please no
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“unfortunately it hurts all 3 of my feelings” is on par in poetic beauty with “i will face god and walk backwards into hell”, so i would just like to thank carrie fisher for all that she does
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the jar jar theory has gotten so much traction that people are going to be disappointed in episode VII if it doesn’t have jar jar tbhand that’s the most hilarious thing that could possibly happen to the franchise
me: thinks about you literally all day
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My Love Letter to INFJs
A while ago, I saw a post someone had written about ENFJs, and it honestly helped me a lot. I wanted to return the favor and write one about my favorite type. Anyone who’s followed me for any amount of time knows that I think INFJs are bae. I adore them so much, both as individuals and as a type.So ...
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