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"you don’t sound like you’re doing homework in there" What the fuck does doing homework sound like
How old is Frankie Grande ?
  • Me:you should watch this show.
  • Them:let's watch the show.
  • Me:okay but wait you have to like, commit okay you have to pay attention and appreciate the details and the plots and not hate it and- I know the beginning starts out silly and it's like a silly show but I PROMISE I just love it a lot just listen and love it too but you might not actually maybe don't watch it never watch it
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I hope one day Taylor Swift one day releases a song about her cats just so the media could sit and wonder which one of her fictional and non fictional lovers used to vomit in her shoes, rip up her furniture and bring her dead things as piece offerings.
Last Theater
Death Parade's ED, "Last Theater" by NoisyCell (Full Version)
PSA to non-kpop fans
just because you’ve never heard of them and they don’t sing in a language you understand, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve awards or that they somehow cheated in the voting  (? ? ? ?) just because you don’t like the music doesn’t mean they don’t have a big enough fanbase to win awards outside of...
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Jonghyun: “I’m 24 and I’ve never kissed anyone.” Shawols:
"bisexuality is transphobic because it excludes trans people" did you just say that trans men and women are some other gender and arent actually men and women respectively isnt that, i dunno transphobic
Mothers’ Day.
We see you.Children who’ve lost their mothersChildren whose relationships with their mothers are brokenWomen who long for children for whom it hasn’t happened or can’t happenMothers who’ve lost their childrenMothers whose relationships with their children are brokenSingle fathers pulling double duty...
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