• now i like everyone •
Sugarless Gum Bubbline Princess Bubblegum Marceline Abadeer ask-bonnie-and-marcy everyone asked for this now I feel like I'm disappointing everyone
spider woman Gwen Stacy spider verse I really like this ridiculous costume first Rogue now Gwen: hodie costumes for everyone!
  • Sherlock fandom:As crazy as they are intelligent, they have to face a lot of prejudice against them, but usually don't care. The fans suffer from extreme boredom (due to the ridiculously long hiatuses) and do anything to cure it. Observant (and dedicated) as they are, there is barely a detail in the show that hasn't been found, pointed out and analysed to hell and back yet. Most of the fandom is made up of intellectual elitists who think they are better than anyone else (the Sherlocks) and more easy-going people who know how to turn everything into a witty joke and are a bit pervy, like John "Three Continents" Watson.
  • Doctor Who fandom:Goes from loving everything and everyone to pure spite and aggression so fast it will make your head spin. But overall, it's a fandom with a big, big heart that shares a lot of dramatic emotions from happiness to grief, always watches out for the little things, embraces what it is taught, is full of curiosity and has a weird sense humour.
  • Supernatural fandom:Basically one big, dysfunctional family, like the Winchesters. Deeply emotional, similar to the DW fandom, but this one focusses more on grief, disappointment, despair, anger, hatred and fear, often resulting in painful fights when emotion and personal attachment cloud the fans' sense of rational judgement and even their dark humour doesn't help any longer. Still a surprisingly educated, creative and dedicated fandom, with people that will spill out their heart for what they love, and a family that sticks together throughout all the pain.
robstenisfearless kristen stewart remember how i/everyone went through that red lipstick phase??? and now im like trying to use the lightest shade possible
hannibal nbc hannibal chilton hannibaledit HannibalGif nbchannibal Frederick Chilton kelly gifs I LOVE CHILTON SO MUCH HE'S MY NEW BABY he's like the anderson of the hannibal fandom everyone hated him now everyone loves him he's mah babe
in other news, sexism is still fucking awful
mine 4k Marvel p l e a s e AOS agents of shield Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aosedit literally everyone is side-eyeing you so hard right now garrett c: i only act like i know everything john garett s: angels of shield
wait what are the elric brothers doing in this gamenever mind it can’t be them
game of thrones oops mine** Sansa Stark I LIKE IT gotedit gotsansastark kathpierces jollysansa sansasreindeer yeah i set it to lana lyrics like everyone else on earth whatever this song applies to her so kelsey is forcing me to post this now im gonna murder her
  • Me:yes
  • Them:HAVE YOU HEAR--
  • Me:yes
  • Me:i know.
  • Them:Harry's favo--
  • Me:Yup i know.
  • ...
* I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now. Please just don't tell me you said this to everyone.
gifs amy poehler secretly married Tina Fey forever and always sag awards ° TinAmy tina*amy now i miss my old url favorite people in the universe i'd like to point out that a few if these gifs have more than 1 MB they're working for everyone right? they're all moving?
mine quality sophomores
my stuff 5k once upon a time meh mine: ouat i just like the money shots that feature everyone although i'm noticing now that rumple and belle are always excluded
gif kdrama park shin hye yoon shi yoon flower boy next door jessicatrangphan TT____TT OMFG THEY ARE TOO CUTE I SWEAR everyone needs to watch this like nOW the highlight of my mon/tues tbh
have you ever not liked someone in a romantic way and everything is cool and all then they do something small like touch your shoulder or say something funny and you just kind of freeze and think oh oh no
I hope October will be a good month for everyone
Last time I reblogged a post with good vibes it worked, and I had a month full of awesome surprises. I really, REALLY hope and wish everyone experiences that. It’s great, and everyone deserves it.
1k durarara!! durarara Drrr Shizuo Heiwajima drrr!! 3k .mine drrr!!edit durararax2 mine;drrr drrr spoilers everyone was like :O at him at shinra's lmao
1k Misha Collins west collins 500 spn cast maison collins aka i love everyone in this bar holy crap people these gifs are objectively terrible i feel like i need to make better versions now