• nudging her beliefs with scary alternatives and blinding shades of grey and they are this close from •
MY EDIT game of thrones gotedit gotcatelynstark gotjaimelannister just a distraction while i'm capping different things BUT PELASE THIS SCENE AND THESE TWO FIERCE MOTHER OF WOLVES BOW DOWN OR BE HANGED i'm so happy they added all these chared with so much tension wrath doubts and admiration moments between  jaime and catelyn THESE TWO ARE GIVING ME EMOTIONAL BONER EVERY TIME he admires her so much her strength her unyielding courage and facade made of stone though he knows inside she's a mess inside she's falling to pieces inside she's pure rage violence vengence FIIIREEEE and she is so desperate to not allow any doubts the words he speaks stir in her this poking her in her morality borderlining on rightousness nudging her beliefs with scary alternatives and blinding shades of grey and they are this close from shattering each other's world's views and yet he always escapes into sarcasm and taunts and she hides behind unbreakable walls made of cold and stone and stubborness oh and i adore this quote to bits HE GETS HER SO MUCH?? it is supposed to be another jest of his but it's CATELYN'S ESSENCE she traded warmth and softness of the south into hard cruel merciless of the north and she doesn't even realise and it's going to devour her THIS VIOLENCE THIS ANGER THIS ANIMAL HUNGER FOR JUSTICE SOON JUST FOR THE SAKE OF VIOLENCE SOON (also that last one jesus christ i need an au with brienne and cat and cat is a mafia leader and brienne her right hand her bodyguard and loyal partner and twin soul and she speaks so little but she has the most fierce looks and everyone's talking about she-wolf and that giant of a womanbodyguard of hers and how you really don't want to cross them)
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:) love gif* 50 Shades of Grey passenger fsog fifty shades Fifty Shades of Grey 50 shades 50SOG Christian Grey Anastasia Steele let her go fsogedit ohmrgrey anastasia x christian idk this song fits too perfectly
MY EDIT game of thrones House Stark gotedit lady stoneheart gotrobbstark jesus this was a nightmare to make BUT I AM SO ADDICTED TO THIS AU WHERE NOT ONLY CATELYN COMES BACK BUT goddamn freys didn't butcher grey wind and robb survives as a wolf with catelyn rising as lady stoneheart and they both lead their vengeful campaign against everyone and anyone who dared to lift a finger against house stark it's this epic revenge against freys lannisters boltons and everyone else who gets in their way and this fierce merciless mother with her loyal beast of a son and there is no gang of thoros and the rhest only these two roaming the earth leaving the trail of butchered half eaten bodies and hanged corpses a warning: we are coming for every one last of you to send our regards! i don't care i don't care jesus give me this if goddamn gregor can come back (HOW DO YOU MANAGE THIS DISGUSTING INJUSTICE) why not robb as this majestic terrifying wild beast :-(((( that's why they butchered him that's why they butchered grey wind they knew if they didn't he would be back ALL THE MORE UNDEAFEATED HUNGRY AND UNSTOPPABLE AS HE WAS DURING REBELLION eh leave me alone as i harbour this au and hold it close to my heart forever
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love couple quote Black and White gif* 50 Shades of Grey fsog Fifty Shades of Grey 50SOG Christian Grey Anastasia Steele ohmrgrey anastasia x christian this was so much work and yeah
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interview gif* i love this scene 50 Shades of Grey and so it begins Fifty Shades of Grey 50 shades 50SOG Christian Grey Anastasia Steele fsogedit ohmrgrey anastasia x christian 50shadesedit 50shadesgif
This blog is against 50 Shades of Grey and sees it for what it truly is: glorification of abuse on w...
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Friendly reminder that Leliana once:Took a ride on the sails of a windmill. It didn’t turn out well.Drank a thimble of dwarven ale and woke up a week later in Jader wearing nothing but her shoes and a towel.Got cotton candy stuck in her hair and proceeded to eat it for the next few days after ...
edit being human tom mcnair hal x tom being human uk hal yorke being human bbc yep my favourite pastime is going to be making gifs for fandom that no longer exists from now on because remember when i said new team does not grow on me well it kinda did and i'm having massive situation and way to go what a timing haha no mostly these two happened and i fell a victim of obnoxious queerbaiting it's not about having issues with alex and her appearing a bit out of the blue and being practically forced on hal (their whole random flirting/bonding/sniffing each other in puppy love forever remains wtf situation to me but it's partially exactly about this because we saw tom and hal bonding for quite some time and going through so much together before she came (unlike george and mitchell yes they were so close before they met annie but we don't see this we are thrown in the middle of their forming bonds with annie and this feels right and complete and natural and we fall in love with all three of them together) with alex she comes when things are built and shaped and solid whuch she can never possibly become a part of it's tomxhalxannie legacy of intimate personal memories that's why she has always been an addition to me nevery fully integrated and always annie's replacement i'm forever angry boys didn't go through proper mourning of annie that they randomly jumped into this trio (tho they never really managed to become this to me) and forever angry that writers did such an amazing job with bonding tomxhal and refused to go this one step further it's not about stupid shipping of ppl who bicker with each other like a good old marriage at the same time being so loyal and devoted and protective of each other learning so many lessons from each other and growing up together or maybe it's exactly about this? yay i'm being obnoxious passive aggresive ranter now so i shall go no one's intersted anyway
Deepika Padukone bollywood mygifs* ranveer singh toxicreations DeepVeer zee cine awards 2014 a things can you tell I'm having withdrawals from seeing them together at award functions? but how cute is him nudging her like that and they just look so pretty sigh rsdp the nudge is just too cute and it gave me feels and yes I need to go to sleep or something because lbr arjun would do that too wow I'm a mess of feels tonight sigh
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gif mine Avatar A:TLA katara Avatar: the last airbender legend of korra the legend of korra lok I'm so sorry THESE PEOPLE OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I MADE I'M MAKING MYSELF SAD and I know zuko's still alive ( thankgod ) but katara doesn't see him that much anymore and they're maybe not as close as they were anymore and all her other friends have already passed away and she feels so lonely and this is her remembering all of the fun times she had with these people who she spent a year travelling the world with these people were her only family for a whole year and she loves them with all her heart but they are gone her friends and the love of her life are all gone and in the first gif when she's looking back on all those wonderful memories she smiles because even though she's filled with sadness she's so grateful to these people and she's happy she got to spend time with them and that is true friendship and love
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