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Numbers On The Boards
Pusha T  My Name Is My Name
  • 1:Full name.
  • 2:Zodiac sign.
  • 3:3 fears.
  • 4:3 things I love.
  • 5:My best friend?
  • 6:Sexual orientation?
  • 7:How tall am I?
  • 8:What do I miss?
  • ...
  • 1. You want the dick
  • 2. You want the dick
  • 3. You want the dick
  • 4. You want the dick
  • 5. You want the dick
  • 6. You want the dick
  • 7. You want the dick
  • 8. You want the dick
  • ...
Send me "Hello?" and my character will phone yours because...
Scenarios range from fluff to angst. Some trigger warnings apply. #1-20 1. They’ve been arrested. 2. They’re lost. 3. They were kidnapped. 4. They’re on a game show! 5. They just want to chat. 6. They’re in the ER. 7. They can’t remember a thing about who they ar...
homestuck colour by numbers
if you complete it, we’ll hang it up by the doorway and you get a free ice cream cone.
The Numbers 1-12
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OFWGKTA odd future music m lego album cover numbers album Mellowhype
  • Have you ever:
  • 1. Skipped class?
  • 2. Done drugs?
  • 3. Self harmed?
  • 4. Drank?
  • 5. Shoplifted?
  • 6. Gotten a tattoo?
  • 7. Broken up with someone?
  • ...
Send me three names + a number...
fuck, marry, kill marry, cuddle, sleep with fuck, take a bullet for, murder adopt, be adopted by, marry  (TW!) be a slave to, be your slave, sell to a slave market kill, betray, have on your zombie apocalypse team seduce, steal from, serenade
I am excited to see a generation of women who will raise their boys to be good rather than their girls to be scared.
Im not sure if this is toll free, but these were some of the numbers on the news: Families of victims and to locate people: 6176354500 Witnesses or anyone who knows anything about who may have done it: 1800494TIPS PLEASE REBLOG TO SPREAD THE WORD
boston phone numbers Boston Bombings help lines
Embassy numbers in Paris British embassy: +33 1 44 51 31 00 US embassy: +33 1 43 12 22 22 Irish embassy:+33 1 44 17 67 00 Canadian embassy: 33 1 44 43 29 00 Spanish embassy: +33 1 44 43 18 00 Australia: +33 1 40 59 33 00
  • kurt:turn around
  • little numbers fandom:AHH YOU SAID IT YOU SAID THE THING
The fake phone numbers for “creepers” post-
I’ve seen this circulated around tumblr, facebook, and even Imgur. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the post that gives a list of fake phone numbers to give to someone who is bothering you for your phone number, whether it be if you aren’t interested, or they aren’t taking ...
Embassy numbers for anyone in Paris who needs assistance: Irish Embassy +33144176700, British Embassy +33144513100, US Embassy +33143122222
wood letters letters and numbers letters inspiration