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cacahuete alergia humor gráfico médicos
  • 1. What is the one place that you feel most comfortable at?
  • 2:Who do you do the craziest things with?
  • 3:10th text in your phone?
  • 4:Would you fuck the last person you spoke to on the phone?
  • 5:Have you ever kissed the last person you texted?
  • 6:Favorite song when you’re happy?
  • 7:Relationship status?
  • 8:Are there any songs that remind you of anyone?
  • ...
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you lame if you think it's cool to treat yo girl like shit in front of yo friends
Weirdest shit I've seen so far in Jesus Camp:
Hundreds of kids “speaking in tongues” Mother telling her child that “science doesn’t prove anything” Woman praying that Jesus protect the power-point projector from the devil A 9 year old praying over a bowling ball A mother making her four kids PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO TH...
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~ Kristen Bell Idina Menzel josh gad santino fontana event: frozenlive