• oh bby •
adam levine adam levine gif
But oh well own art i don't even know why I try
i cry  just a little
Concert pierce the veil vic fuentes mike fuentes jaime preciado tony perry my loves ahh victor fuentes albuquerque Victor vincent fuentes
MY EDIT Benedict Cumberbatch q South Bank 2013 just posting the few i really like leave the rest cos they all look identical oh yeah got more HQs today i'ven been spoiled should replace those MQs but probably nobody cares
Key shinee giffies gif:key shineeofd cutest sneaky kibum his own money is precious but minho's isnt XD oh no i feel like im key sometimes hahaha minkey's relationship is too funny i died laughing at this episode translated from chinese subs! no eng subs yet
homestuck My art nepeta leijon equius nepeta equius zahhak kawaii meowrails
Thai Hunhan shippers are really enthusiastic, they made a banner with the words 'SEHUN-LUHAN JUST MA...
CR: DOstep, HaoXue0206 Via: JaneJaneSay
~ Darren Criss starkid oh god AVPSY favourite part
exo gif:exo exo k sehun khunwufan;gif
you should never get into a relationship with me because im needy and horny
liam payne liam i oh my god THIS IS A REAL TWEET
I NEED IT clothe oh my god PLEASE....
crabstickz Chris Kendall Enrique bby
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction ^ oh hey hey HEY HEY
by me les mis les miserables Enjolras edit: film experimental thing because of reasons oh god someone take photoshop away from me the hair jfc i can't stop laughing
1k One Direction Niall Horan 1D Little Things jedit oh god it was so difficult finding solo shots of niall but he was so beautiful in those little moments asdjfls;dfds i love niall so much
bby Kellin Quinn sleeping with sirens sws babe
it makes me so mad when louis isn’t showered with the love and adoration he deserves
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