• oh my god this took forever •
oh my god this right here is amazing
oh my god????? I hate this
they just issued a denial about teddy bears. that is a thing that just happened to the world’s biggest boyband. 
world science
1k mygifs f(x) Victoria 014 song qian cries forever Victoria Song oh god vic you're too good for this world when she said f(x) is my responsibility
cute kylo ren
oh manholy shit
gifs kate winslet gg Golden Globes golden globes 2016
mine Twenty One Pilots oh myg GOD this took so long i'm dead i really really like how it turned out tho!!! it's kinda long lol
u oh my god
oh my god
u oh my god
oh my god
oh my god.....
my edits pokemon pokegraphic happy valentines day :3c was gonna post this earlier but this took forever to make aaaaa also I FINALLY GOT TO USE MY FAVORITE FONT WOOOOO
i like how anakin’s rapid descent into Panicked Darkness begins like. immediately after obi-wan leaves. its like that text post abt impulse controlanakin: obi-wan left so i’m gonna join the sith and participate in the destruction of the jedi orderpadme: wtf why???anakin: he’s like 85% of my impulse ...