• oh my god this took forever •
future reference master post
Need pixels? go here & here & actually all over here i have so many goddamn pixel blogs !!!!!! Need Japanese emoticons? go here & here Need unicodes/the things that alt codes make? go here Need themes? I have so many fucking theme makers take them all and go !!! here have them !!!! im se...
aragorn the hobbit The Lord of the Rings Tolkien theoden galadriel lotredit bard Thorin this took fucking forever oh my god
gifs mine the vampire diaries tvd caroline forbes 1000plus oh my god klaroline I AM CRYING klaus mikaelson tvdedit never getting over it tvd: s05e11 AS I HAVE BEEN FOR THE PAST 2 HOURS SO PEFECT I HAVE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THIS ALSO THIS TOOK ME FOREVER UGH
my gif simon pegg Spaced Jessica Stevenson Tim Bisley Daisy Steiner Spaced GIF This took forever oh my god.
MY EDIT fall out boy Patrick Stump oh god this took forever peep that 2010 pstump lookin foyn af
edits pierce the veil vic fuentes ptv THIS TOOK FOREVER OH MY GOD
cole dragon age it took forever sera my animations dragon age inquisition iron bull AND COLE lavellan segarn lavellan Oh god this is finished actually it looks like they are lost on a family trip and then daddy iron bull throws Sera well cole ducks
Making Sterek canon: Peter Hale's journey [pt 1]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ TBC (I honestly don’t know what this is, it’s mostly a product of my boredom but if you’re reading this I love you)
edit tom hiddleston alphabet im dead hiddlesedit oh my god this took me forever by nicki hiddleston alphabet
edits pierce the veil vic fuentes mike fuentes jaime preciado tony perry ptv this took me forever oh my god
louis tomlinson One Direction Zayn Malik zouis 10k oh god this took forever and it's still awful but idc anymore mineminemine zoueh
harry is louis' lil baby
no, really… (louis loves harry a lot) a masterpost. So, in my other masterpost… we already established that Harry loves Louis. But, it’s only fair to talk about how much Louis loves Harry. Because, he loves him so much it’s sickening, really. ~~~~ AND THAT’S WHAT HE FREAKING DID FOR HARRY’S BIRT...
scott pilgrim vs the world *g THIS TOOK SO LONG OH MY GOD
Three-Octave Range
Chris Colfer 
Chris and his three-octave vocal range -download-
my gifs s3 sherlock sherlock holmes my stuff bbc sherlock johnlock sherlock spoilers sherlock gifs SherlockEdit oh my god this took forever his last vow my sfw stuff damn colouring i'm still not completely happy with it but i am happy with it enough
1k * chris colfer 2013 long post THIS TOOK FOREVER OH MY GOD i bet chris will post a selfie as soon as i post this just to screw it up htis is kinda crappy and all over the place but w/e
Harry Styles mine look i made gifs AFTER 5496234856 MONTHS but on my old computer lol he looks so hot oh my god jslhdfhgowaeutshlb this took forever cause i don't remember any of the shortcuts haha but he's sO HOT also i can't tell what the coloring is like sorry if its ugly lol
Dave Strider karkat vantas THIS TOOK FOREVER oh my god just davekat Ryu's Art Ryu's stupid comics JUST TAKE IT TAKE IT.
sherlock My art animation johnlock if you squint but i like squinting all the details took forever oh my god hahahahaaaa i cheated on the fire i was going to animate the light moving but that was too ambitious it feels so good to draw again