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written by @zolarmoon on 10/28/2015 Y'all wanna hear a story about why me and this bitch here fell out???????? It’s kind of long but full of suspense ????????Okay listen up. This story long. So I met this white bitch at hooters. I was her waitress! She came in with this old ass big ass black d...
All the News From Nintendo Direct for November 2015
Source: Gamespot: Wii U:Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud is coming to Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS as a playable character.There’s also a Super Smash Bros.-specific Nintendo Direct set to air in December.The new Legend of Zelda game for Wii U is coming in 2016.Plus, Twilight Princess HD ...
Oh shit … Aunt Viv has a message for Will and Jada.  ...
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