• oh •
snk shingeki no kyojin attack on titan EreRi Jean Kirschstein yumikuri erejean blood//// i'm such a bandwagon jumper oh my god there is so much jean luv u horse husband
* Marvel guardians of the galaxy groot marveledit gotgedit someone probably did this already but
edit exo tao Kai gif set sehun Kris Chen Kyungsoo suho chanyeol xiuhan oh god i cant believe i don't include baekhyun nvm I already fix it
! tom hiddleston loki avengers Loki Laufeyson aug oh yes baby
Rooster Teeth burnie burns ryan haywood The Patch photoset: rooster teeth oh no hot dads
edit v bts oh well ISTG Bangtan taehyung the quality's kinda bad he has the deepest fuqin voice ever
art comic Sketch replies dragon age hawke varric tethras cassandra pentaghast DA:I spoilers thespellweaver Akiva Hawke
Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien
abuse police brutality ferguson
1k edit exo 2k Graphic exo k 500 sehun oh sehun exo edit
MY EDIT b&w exo sehun oh sehun
mine ssohpkc UberHaxorNova the creatures danznewz long post kootra immortalhd zeroyalviking sp00nerism creaturegroup dexterjmanning this took me all day al l da y there are probably so many typos so many errors..........i am done oh my god this is so long im so sorry im so
1k star wars sw edit captainssolo whitney photoshops thecreatorclub leias from  now on you queue what i tell you oh look the prequels
photoset gifs edits oh look
mine Morrigan oh well dragon age Marian Hawke dragon age: inquisition daedit daedits Solas dorian pavus and some other characters i dont know but hey mages if i left someone out oops sorry for the crap gifset i just got excited and i love mages also i get to quote anders soooooo
my edits music Arctic Monkeys minimalist am amedit fav lyrics am edit arctic monkeys edit im making a meme oh
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