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gif fav omg durarara!! please Drrr Heiwajima Shizuo oh gosh Forgive me drrr! He's so sexy 500! favmc! its been a long time since i posted one
oh my gosh..
my stuff Chris Evans that's it really chris evans gifs CA:TWS press tour bearded chris evans he's doing what we all would do also wrists wrists are my weakness oh tongue alert for gif n.3 somehow I have used that tag before
self pretty pink underwear Lingerie pale i know i do this pose a lot but oh well
MY EDIT the hobbit thorin oakenshield richard armitage hobbitedit this is so silly and what it needs is AUDIO COMPILATION oh lord AUDIO COMPILATION IS A MIGHTY MUST but i've got some free time on my hands before work fully starts again and stuff like this happens BUT THORIN SPEAKING DWARVISH IS SOOOO IMPORTANT *cough* I WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE DEPTHS OF MORDOR AND HEIGHTS OF VALINOR MY KING please ALL THE MOTIVATION IN LIFE I NEED also nothing can convince me that thorin is not gossiping to dwalin in dwarvish on elrond's court all: omg look at that know-it-all pricks i may vomit i  know right hey mister dicklond tone down the overcompensation attitude you're gonna poke someone's eye out all mean girls style: COOL TIARA - VINTAGE - whispers to dwalin: that is the ugliest effing tiara i've ever seen
hayao miyazaki collection totoro studio ghibli no face
lmfao makeup blue eyes YuGiOh Yu-Gi-Oh! dragon blue eyes white dragon seto kaiba YGO Kaiba duel monsters motd aschs face the blue eyes white dragon dragon makeup IGNORE MY SHEETS also how bad this wig is yugioh makeup series
mygifs mine exo exo k CE chanyeol xxxxk lostplanet tlp osaka i feel kind of saddddddddd :(((((( this is one of the things he hates the most.... reminds me of weekly idol.... and when he said on exost conference that he doesn't want ppl to ask him to dance for amusement... but oh well :((( it was park of the segment :((( sorry yeol :(((((( LMAO at sehun being like ''IIGHT OK MOVE ASIDE I'LL DO IT'' and shaking his ass everywhere in front of the fan tho lmao smh smh smh but sighs again i know youre working really hard on your dancing bby it's okay u___u there's no need to be embarrassed u___u
graham chapman monty python john cleese Flying Circus pilots Airlines how to irritate people
1k mine vikings Historyvikings Siggy vikingsedit vksiggy bethwoodvilles
my graphics loki hiddlesedit oh well :) marveledit lokiedit mcuedit i'm in a refuge and on a borrowed computer yet again and so rusty ugh and i miss photoshop and tumbr and home hopefully i'll have more computer access from now on
i tried dragon age also long post also: tevinter daedits gamediting super long post dorian pavus sort of..... I DIDNT MEAN FOR IT TO GET SO LONG BUT WELL HERE WE ARE LUV THIS MAGOCRACY literally my home oh my god did u see how heavily associated tevinter is w/ snakes and dragons and the green colors like come on my home my people my best and only friend [gets a bit teary eyed]
* anya oh well Sophie Ouch this looks shit dichen lachman make me choose The 100 the100edit anyaedit lexa is my baby but anya is my queen or was mvrphys
movies roald dahl Matilda oh my god this movie fawm moviesedit matildaedit ''matilda this is more than one of my favorite characters when i was a kid and it helped a lot this mooovie 'you are not alone' that quote will stay with me forever
Misha Collins silent hill Norman Reedus hideo kojima silent hills
california vscocam vanlife vanagonlife coastallife
* film Meryl Streep anne hathaway The Devil Wears Prada David Frankel *edit cyberqueer
1k bts oh god I'M GOING TO CRY jimin *Sobs* BOYS PLS y'all cray Bangtan Bangtan Boys jungkook yadda yadda Kelli pls burrow into the snow never come out
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