• oh •
* cute dad grandpa life positivity NO IDEA WHAT TO TAG THIS WITH BUT IT'S SO CUTE OH MY GOD????
Nicki Minaj Queen
LOL funny
harry potter LOL Hermione Granger Emma Watson books hogwarts JK Rowling pets ralph fiennes lord voldemort
cooking oh my god do want i need it like burning
At the dinner table, my sister asked all of us what color we thought her boyfriend’s shirt looked like. After we all said gray, she turned to him and said “now tell them what color you think it is” and he just quietly replied “dark white”
mine oh my god Sports Illustrated this is one of the best things I've ever seen
Illustration comic society problems important scifi coping UFO slice of life support each other oh and also aliens the fate of humanity
1k gifs mine disney 10k Sleeping Beauty angelina jolie oh well Maleficent idk how i feel about these
Oh my god…
there’s a goat! why is there a goat!? oh my god! there...
kids Funny shit i'm weeping
  • my requirements for sleeping at night:is the pillow cool enough? are my legs positioned so they don't put too much weight on each other? are my arms tucked in nicely and not at odd angles? can I stop thinking about the day's events? is enough of my body out from under the blanket that I won't overheat? are my toes safely tucked in to hide them from monsters?
  • my requirements for sleeping in the morning:is the surface vaguely horizontal and not made entirely out of hornets
Oh Shit meninist fucking meninists
Drake Bell josh peck I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH
i hate this class but i have to take it oh well it is almost summer :)
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