• oh •
help oh god i love it so much this is crazy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i need to sleep spy kids i shouldnt watch old movies at 1:30 am spy kids is runing my life
justin bieber mine disney leonardo dicaprio orlando bloom frozen bloom vs bieber it's almost 1 oh no i hope someone sees this anyway i spent way too long making it live from xkit desktop
Ignorant people make me mad
cat cats damn cat food not a hat oh helllllllll no
do you ever just rub your eyes so hard that you just start entering some other fucking galaxy of swirls and patternsĀ 
my stuff oh well reference which is good cornell idk what else I should tag this as ill tag it lol cos it's kinda amusing man that girl is sassy def good idk where I even got the 1996 version esp since I'm going there in 2014
charlie hf oitnb useless rambling Piper Chapman seriously oh my god
gif Anna Kendrick m* akgif oh anna
1k LOL lmao 2k avril lavigne 10k hello kitty oh wow WHAT THE H
wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation
i bet if he were a poc he wouldn't even be alive for a trial but that's none of my fucking business I REBLOGGED THIS WITH AN UPDATE PLEASE LOOK FOR THAT ONE ON MY PAGE
Christmas xmas Christmas tree tree amazing decoration x-mas long exposure exposure TRON fest
My mom just informed me that my first word was “quote” so I’m going to make sure my last word before I die will be “unquote”
oh deer
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