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Sending out your most powerful pokemon 
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i could watch this scene for 300 years
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Iwaizumi: Do you think Kindaichi had a rebellious age?Matsukawa: What’s this suddenly?Iwaizumi: No, he doesn’t seem like the type to have one…Oikawa: Maybe he had one during middle school? Though I can’t imagine itHanamaki: If that’s the case, Iwaizumi doesn’t se...
Haikyuu!! oikawa tooru
{Frankly speaking, what’s so terrible about Iwa-chan’s sleeping?}Oikawa: It’s to the point where, while he’s sleeping, he can perform pro wrestling techniquesHanamaki: It’s to the point where when he wakes up, he’s turned around in his futon and who knows where hi...
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