• ok im gonna make a comm post im thinking??? 25-30 bucks •
pokemon chandelure pokemon art transparent AGAIN ohhh h h h  h   HH HH H HH HHHH H HHH man drawin feels good ok im gonna make a comm post im thinking??? 25-30 bucks as little as 15 for simple shits like voltorb com me a fucking bi colored ball
another another tags to type and post the tag that comes up she he they im yea well if ok
Emma Roberts and Evan Peters getting engaged
* Natasha Romanoff maybe avengersedit marveledit avengers: age of ultron ok i lied now im gonna go make a proper set
i am literally doing the most pointless thing rn oh my god 
ok so im gonna do a post of all the tags i have seen gore and porn in so far
#homestuck#gravity falls#su#steven universe#feminist#feminism#one direction#blacklivesmatter#black lives matter#dr who#doctor who#mlp#my little pony#genderfluid#cute#trans#otherkin#translove#sjw#sexism these are mostly under the recent results option, please add more if you find more,,,, please be s...
mine robert pattinson im gonna make a msitake and post this now
so my history teacher made a twitter and always gives us updates on it in class and the other day he announced that he reached 100 followers so this kid pulled out his phone and said WELL GUESS WHAT IM UNFOLLOWING YOU HAHA BACK TO 99 and unfollowed him so my teacher leaned in really close to him and...
1k One Direction mine 1dgif This is us kjasfjdf i've done nothing but make gifs and watch the originals today oh my god tomorrow im gonna study and make it a productive day lol ok good night
vriska serket my drawings my hand hurts too many layers and not enough motivated + I realized I have to change her eyes a bit for the complete gif but wow it took less time than i thought it was going to take and i'm pretty proud of it also thats a 'LET ME SEE Vriska i m gonnA DIE' drawing mY GURL im losing it also sorry its big sized post otherwise no ones gonna click to see the hq version hAHAHAHAhaha hm ok that wasnt a good idea im gonna put it back the other way
my gif 1k v bts MMC Bangtan taehyung i think im gonna make a massive giggle post wish me luck im gonna cry
me LOL she better laugh because i did for hours
my gif my shit Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner photo post im going to make this a series as well gonna make individual gifsets for each era later *AMeras
mygifs the creatures creaturegroup im not gonna tag all of them im too lazy haha
homestuck Dave Strider i draw sometimes Dirk Strider hAPPY CHIDLREN MY SONS................. i daraw so dslowly what a tragedy
taylor swift london ed sheeran ourgifs Lego House 2014 tswiftedit Red tour sweeran im gonna make a few gifs now yayyy
5k Natasha Romanoff Iron Man 2 it's been a while marveledit dasha1* power and control im gonna make you fall
1k tyler seguin dallas stars Jamie Benn post: mine hockeyedit team: dallas stars pl: jamie benn pl: tyler seguin s: closer than you think jeffskinnr i didn't make this for u annie ok I WAS GONNA MAKE IT ANYWAY AND I HAPPENED TO SEE UR POST I DIDN'T MAKE IT BC I LOVE U WANT ALL UR GIF WISHES TO BE FULFILLED they did so many jump shots the gifs look fucked im sorry can someone tell me why they're gravitating towards each other in the last gif lmao wtf?
mine hpedit f: harry potter hpmio ive been so uninspired lately its crazy im probs gonna make a btter version of this later