• okay all y'all need to just calm your tits about the circumcision thing •
  • Faerie Queen:And now that you have proven yourself in front of my entire court, saving my life and the lives of my gentry, I will grant you a boon. Ask any question, and you shall have your answer--even if I must take leave of my throne and quest to grant you satisfaction.
  • Me:Was My Immortal written as a joke or was the author serious??
memo to whom it may concern:moral complexity is one thing but if you can’t write an interesting good guy without making him a bad guy, that’s not because good guys are inherently boringit’s because you’re not a very good writer 
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happy birthday cast hayden christensen Birthday Edit sw edit sw cast happy birthday hayden christensen
speak your language day speak your own language day use your language day uyld uyld 2016 uyld blog psa
* otp gifs* The Flash iris west rick cosnett theflashedit flashedit Eddie Thawne flash spoilers westhawneedit westhawne RICKCOSNETTEDIT eddie t iris w this is why westhawne was so good they were FIT FOR EACH OTHER IM SITLL SO ANGRY I LOVE THEM AND MISS THEM WITH ALL MY HEART
giveaway oro's 3k giveaway <- i'll be reblogging this every now and then so feel free to block that tag

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You need to go head and worry about your life and your caree...
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autism autism speaks actually autistic Real Autism Everything Wrong With Autism Speaks Post 32
mine ugh jane the virgin jane villanueva jtvedit jtv spoilers petra solano im still very bitter about the... events of last week and i know those two will never ever be together but it was a very cute episode and im really happy they are letting them be friends if im gonna insist on making gifs this big a should at least wait for the 1080p version also does tumblr really need to put the gifs 20m apart
Honestly, the best thing I’ve learned to do as an empath is setting boundaries. Learning when to say, “I don’t have the emotional capacity for this conversation right now, so I’m going to disengage. I will speak to you later” really changed my life and has made me a much better person. A lot of peop...
to be honest i have no idea what this composition is supposed to be laughs just felt like drawing a lot of clouds laundry fresh out of the dryer is the best thing!! seriously considering washing other things tomorrow just for the heck of it cackles this past week was really tiring!! had our first be design pitch and it took a long time to decide what sort of project we wanted to work on also if you're wondering why the little cloaked figure isn't on the steps it's because she used the skyrim method of traveling (basically taking every other path except the stairs am I right) i remember trying all sorts of shortcuts in that game just to save time snorts edit: also tfw you see people reposting your artwork within 30 minutes of uploading it???? maybe i should start adding watermarks ugh I really don't like adding them though regardless hope you guys are doing okay!! it always makes me happy to see my art is helping you feel better somehow
Darren Criss mia swier miarren Kennedy Center nso pops
selena gomez taylor swift taylena tswiftedit poor thing namesake grammys 2016 sad times for why you felt this way but chin up! you can sing new romantics next time! and you'll hit all those notes!! or make it a single! and sing it all the time!!! just a thought!!! not from a new romantics stan at all just a casual fan here jk i love out of the woods its probably your voice after a year of touring
grammys stevie wonder
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