• okay so everything officially sucks •
1k gifs doctor who amy pond eleventh doctor spoilers Rory Williams the eleventh hour gifs:dw the power of three the angels take manhattan doctor and his ponds okay so everything officially sucks that was painful
amy poehler snl bon jovi
gif my chemical romance okay The ghost of you omg it took me so long and it still sucks
mygifs game of thrones got asoiaf jon snow ygritte gotgifs gotedit okay so this sucks but I wanted to make something
yunho jaejoong yoochun jaechun you know you ship it omg yunho why are you so precious okay i think that's officially all of the birthdays i give up on 2008
wincest this is so lame i'm so lame i'm sorry hahaha i wanted to draw it but everything i produce looks like shit to me lately welp feel free to officially kick me out of fandom so I made a thing
Okay. It's official. The Up All Night tour is officially over.
The Hunger Games katniss everdeen Catching Fire thgedit thggif I tried okay? this sucks okay
notes mine: gifs Teen Wolf stiles stilinski mine: edits twedit okay so mine sucks a bit but heeeyyy i tried :)
* robert pattinson kristen stewart yeah i know is basically the copy of the other edit BUT THAT SUCKS SO MUCH OKAY sigh throwing myself off a cliff
Niall Horan better late than never happy birthday baby i love you to the moon and back wow im so late on this sobs school/homework sucks okay :((((((((((
punk i don't want to grow up Punk Rock descendents milo goes to college everything sucks today everything sucks
gif mine degrassi paige michalchuk Lauren Collins alex nunez deanna casaluce palex OTP: right now you're pretty much everything i giffed this when i first learned to gif but it sucked so im doing it again still sucks
jennifer lawrence queen of everything jlfim oh god why do I find this so funny? XD quality sucks meh
my things gordon ramsay masterchef junior ok i think i'm done with the masterchef junior gifs this week but EVERYTHING WAS SO CUTE I HAD TO OKAY?
* $ Lucy Hale pllgif plledit idk how to tag this lol im just gonna be done giffing for some time so this is probably my last gifset this month sigh this psd sucks everything sucks im really angry and sad
1k doctor who Rose Tyler mine 5 dwedit dwplus bpedit rtdedit i just wanted to make this set okay (the one with red sucks im so sorry) aNGEEEEEL CUPCAKE :`)))))))))
** Merlin *gif BBC Merlin like a lot merlinedit i couldn't choose just one *knightsmeme THEY ARE ALL JUST PERFECT OKAY but yeah elyan's quote is probably my fave so maybe i'll make a **gifset with just this quote also the quality sucks sooooo sorry about that
spoilers mine ugh Teen Wolf *2 derek hale tyler hoechlin Tyler Posey Scott McCall okay can we talk about derek's face for a second this scene kind of broke my heart? because he looks like he's genuinely hurt by what scott said crys i have so many derek feelings i know he's like officially the dumbest gawd but still my favorite? i don't even know why i love you derek! you don't even know what a laptop is! what are you even i demand more information! damn i forget spoilers tag again damn it it's your fault derek