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It’s funny because after the comic ends things will quite down in the fandom for a while and once the other fandoms finally think we’ve died out when they finally think they’re safe BOOM the game comes out AND BAM WE’RE BACK WE RISE FROM THE ASHES LIKE A FUCKING PHOENIX CAW C...
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Do you supportĀ  the LGBT community or do you just support the CGWM (cis gay white male)community? There’s a difference.
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if radioactive by imagine dragons doesn’t make you wanna beat up zombies don’t look at me
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When people forget there’s more to shipping characters than just the sex.
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I'm done explaining why fanfic is okay.
Note: this post was originally made in 2010 in response to Diana Gabaldon’s epic rant about fanfiction. The original version is still being updated. I’m reposting it to Tumblr by request, but if you have any additions, please feel free to drop a comment at LJ so they can be added to the ...
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