• okay so this is the first time they fight like the way in the comics oh ym god •
* gifs Marvel Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes buckynat marveledit buckynatashas jaredsleto userbuckynat OH MY GOD SAMI I DID IT I DID IT FINALLY im so trash suddenly this feels so good tbh okay so this is the first time they fight like the way in the comics oh ym god
MY EDIT star wars Obi Wan kenobi the clone wars Anakin Skywalker swedit FYSW tcwedit okay so this is the last bit of all these scenes i collected with these ridiculous flops from early seasons so putting this out there I MEAN INCREDIBLE jesus christ and of course this happens in the middle of very important mission like here they are strutting to catch dangerous sith lord AND THIS IS THEIR ATTITUDE all the time and this applies always I CANNOT EXIST anyway this is relevant to that anon question look at obi like okay i get it it's animation and they are all a bit exaggerated they have this trait in this series that always predominates in a very cartoonish way like anakin has his cockiness and arrogance (but also being frustrated offended little brat as per usual OH MY GOD LOOK AT HIS FACE IN THE FIRST ONE THIS HOW DARE also THIS DOESN'T LOOK GOOD what a poster man) and then ther's obi with his charm and charisma THAT IN THIS ENTIRE SERIES TAKES A FORM OF ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUS SASS AND FLIRTINESS GET THE HELL OUT but this is all anakin's influence OBI WAN WE GOT TO KNOW IN TPM WAS OBSTINATE KNOWI-ITALL ANNOYING LITTLE STIFF and now after all those years with anakin he not only grew confident TO THE POINT OF AS ARROGANT AS ANAKIN S IS* but teasing goddamn flirt LIKE HIS ENTIRE NEGOTATION BOILS DOWN TO MAKING SEDUCTIVE FACES AND SPEAKING WITH BUNCH OF ENDEARMENTS AND MAKING PPL MELT ALL OVER HIM get out dad and no one can tell me this is not ANAKIN IN HIM THEY LITERALLY GREW UP TOGETHER (obi wan was so young when he became ani's master) SO THEY TOOK EACH OTHER'S PERSONALITIES TRAIT AND BLENDED INTO ONE PERSON BASICALLY AAAAAAAH also how the hell does this concept of not granting anakin title of the master and still allowing him to train padawan works in tcw verse? it's so implausible to me the whole rots issues with status came from being excluded and not appreciated enough and tbh in tcw he's anything but HIM NOT HAVING THE TITLE has no rots gravity because he still acts as one and is treated as one idk eugh
mine supernatural dean winchester Jensen Ackles themed jared and jensen phxcon
this is so funny like the first time something funny has happened on my timeline tbh
Arctic Monkeys + Nick o'Malley she speaks full view the pics please bc the way he keeps his feet together is the cutest part oh my god it seems like he tries not to take up too much space all the time and that makes me sad but at the same time it is very Cute this is the most important post i have ever made he's so cute i'm Gone
gif lost my edits sorry charlie pace claire littleton so OTP it hurts charlie x claire can we talk about the way they look at each other? this is the first time they saw each other and just look at their faces aksjdhadskjasd oh and also i suck at coloring dark scenes
1k mygifs arrow oliver queen a* arrowedit felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity i really hope the op doesn't mind me reusing their gif idea!!!! it's the first time i've been ~inspired~ by someone else's work and i hope they won't be annoyed i just couldn't help thinking that this quote was so so so perf for olicity ugh THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER like come on they've already kissed a million times in their heads and ever since we found out they actually filmed a kiss it's just made me anticipate seeing one even more oh god (even though i think they were right to leave it out - it's way too soon for olicity to be kissing!) i'm just excited to see more of their development next season akshdjsdhf especially considering felicity is apparently going to get a love interest?! jealous!oliver YES PLEASE wow this tags ramble has gotten off topic ok nvm just enjoy another gifset of olicity gazing at each other [puts chin on hand] [sighs lovingly]
okay yes I uploaded the video oh god why  so me dancing This...
1k mygif snk AND THERE IT IS shingeki no kyojin Mikasa Ackerman attack on titan eren jaeger snkgraphic okay so umm i was rewatching snk and almost had a heart attack in this scene so i thought i had to gif it this is my first time editing snk oh my god it was so hard to find a good coloring i'll probably be posting more snk because /the feels/ you know
gif behind the scenes Idris Elba .... pacific rim he's so... stacker pentecost pacific rim extras THEY HAD A TOPLESS IDRIS SCENE AND DIDNT THINK TO PUT IT IN THE FILM!?!?!?!? WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY!??!?!? OH MY GOD ITS SO BEAUTIFUL... *pines wildly* I'm not normally like this it's just him.... HE'S SO!!!
Angels: A Masterpost*
ABOUT ANGELS +angels in different religions +history The Book of Enoch The Torah and The Bible The Qur’an Wikipedia Article (contains Bible verses, tidbits from different religious theologies)  Different religious histories +sometimes mentions angel names About the Biblical rebellion The Book...
Alien: So you’re saying that human brains sometimes just… malfunction? And see threats that aren’t really there?Human: Yeah basically?Alien: And then the human keeps living and doing things anyways???Human: YupAlien: Woahhhhhh. Woahhhhh. Humans are badass.
edit being human damien molony being human uk hal yorke (you don't even know how long i was wondering which one i should use for big bad because goddammit BIG BAD is like the main feature we are suppose to associate him with and then nothing confirming this label really happens in the show? nothing that would be as striking as intense as this label implies? i was watching 1912 yesterday and oh god why the ripper can live up to expectations his dark legends spreads? why couldn't we get scenes like stefan's first brutal kill with snapping the neck and tearing the head form it ? anyway i just adore how they draw the parallel between alcoholism and hal's blood addiction throughout the whole series his addiction is the one that resembles alcoholism the most the fact they used FLASK when he breaks and gives in IS SO SYMBOLIC AND MEANINGFUL and the way he drinks it AS THIRSTY AS CLUMSY AS DESPERATE as an addict devouring booze all the shivers feverish state all that delirium state the parallel is just so clear and monstrusly painful yet completely engrossing to watch
this video speaks to me on a personal level
MY EDIT the walking dead carl grimes chandler riggs Emily Kinney beth greene twdedit Violence cw gore cw idk idk i don't understand?? the potential of this bonding just dropped on the way??? two children utterly innocent naive pure children so brutally and abruptly   scarred by life by this almost war trauma carrying so many burdens: survivor's guilt violation of innocence that spiral of violence they're thrown into over and over   again they bear the same wounds they can compare scars and in this they can heal in this they can remind each other what childhood used to be have you noticed her smiling as openly as expressively as warmly with anyone else more than she did with him and have you noticed him more playful more cocky in this disarmingly childish around anyone else but her? they are each other's reminder what being a child is what being innocent is and how they didn't lose it not entirely they could heal they could mend they could learn to live together again driving each other's strength humanity and compassion beth is like judy's mom really HER SMELL HER VOICE HER CLOSENESS everything judith will   suboconsciously associate with childhood can we talk about what a magnificent unit they could be when future comes and carl is going to be the leader and beth by his   side healer counsellor the most trustworthy: THE DEAREST and judith like sister like daughter in this they keep humanity heart and empathy but they were all born into war into fight into being soldiers first and foremost they haven't forgotten how to be steel how to fight how to endure but by being by each other's side always they are soldiers never outside humanity never outside values never outside live
Tom Felton interview gifs dramione okay so this girl in the audience was like 'oh my god' and i love her. it's so funny. she sounded so scandalized like 'why the fuck would you say that to tom felton. to tom fucking felton. like are you crazy?'
spoilers my posts 5k Captain America Steve Rogers Thor age of ultron I'm pretty sure in the comics Steve is able to pick up Mjolnir when he stops calling himself Captain America and only calls himself Captain?
** 2013 The Wolf of Wall Street jordan belfort donnie azoff the best part of this entire sequence is how many times they visibly get injured lmao first jonah with the phone to the mouth and then leo falling off the counter without calculating his landing first and then him rolling into jonah omg lmao and then jonah throwing the bowl at leo the phone cord snapping back in leo's face l m a o oh my god this sequence is like the mona lisa of comedy on film
mine like photo omg texting Personal boy hot or not omfg oh my god smh this is too much oh my fucking god photo post what the actual fuck white boy plz stop tinder straight boy oh hun white boys texting straight white boys texting straightwhiteboystexting I'm screaming right now boy are you okay cuz I don't think you are boys texting straight boys texting adventure time with Harlea this is so concerning