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That old ravioli commercial where the kid would want a can while they were at the store but the mom made them put it back then the can would throw itself on the ground and rolled to their house. The mom would just cook it as if it’s not weird that a can if ravioli just showed up in their house
I guess this proves that true friendship can only be achieve...
Old commercial for Super Smash Bros. for the N64!
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do straight people know how to create media without het romances like it doesn’t matter if it’s a story about the world ending or kids killing each other in an arena or people trapped on an island with rampaging dinosaurs, they will find a way
Petition for Harry to do Sun Drop commercials.
Sentences from Commercials Starters
"Go ahead. Ask the internet." "Are you crying?" "Hello pants." "It sounds better in Italian.” “Are we still doing the whisper thing?” “Excuse me, ma’am, I’ve got this.” “Take a look what you’ve done!” “I think I broke my spleen.”  “I just made like $700 on Craigslist.”  “The bacon is really, really ...
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