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Golden Trio Awards OTP of the Year Nominee: Olicity
It was the Season of Olicity this year and Stephen and Emily more than rose to the occasion.They turned in astounding performances from the big moments to the small. Oliver and Felicity were put through their paces. We watched their elation as they embarked on a romance, the heartbreak as it was sac...
remember in 2006 when you accidentally hit the internet button on your flip phone and then you had to press end 40 times to keep your parents from paying for such a luxury
onceler byhowbad greedlergifs editedgifs I dunno... is this a 3d gif? it actually took its time.... I dont know what I'll do if that ''well there's a principle of nature'' is wrong
time USA news riot Maryland police brutality baltimore devin allen
Adventure Time mine bmo adventure time gif hora de aventura we fixed a truck
Adventure Time waving snail transparent Waving Snail
Newcastle upon Tyne yik yak my favourite one
LOL funny Anatomy medicine anecdote patients
art gifs painting bob ross the joy of painting happy little trees colorblindness colorblind
rare pepe sad frog
And once again thatsthat24 is the cutest person ever to live
grumpy cat
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