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i needed it all in one place sorry feel free to read if you’re interested in death this is like a shot of straight agony and delight at once first we have puppy payne with his true fam look at these nuggets they’re totally communicating /simba/ honestly this is the most active those...
  • Zayn:bought a Bentley and a huge house
  • Harry:bought an Audi, rented a Ferrari
  • Louis:bought girlfriend thousands of dollars worth of clothes/shoes and buys a big luxury house.
  • Liam:buys family a puppy!
  • Niall:bought his mom a car, ate some Nandos!
  • Directioners:Stitting on our computers..because we're broke now...
  • Niall:Liam, I want ice cream!
  • Louis:Lookin' good Harry!
  • Paul:Harry! Put your trunks back on! You can't tan your bum in the middle of the beach!
  • Liam:All these women are barely clothed! They need to respect themselves more!
  • Zayn:I look better than you. And you. And you.
  • Niall:Will anyone come swim with me?
  • Paul:Louis! Put your trunks back on! You too Harry!
  • Liam:These women have FATHERS! If I gave them my clothes, do you think they would cover up?!
  • ...
  • Harry:Louis, look at this thong!
  • Louis:Buy it, you can show me tonight.
  • Paul:NO. Harry, put it down.
  • Niall:Paul, I want a pretzel!
  • Liam:Calm down Niall, we'll get one soon.
  • Niall:NO LIAM, NOW!
  • Harry:Louis look! Underwear with cats on it!
  • Paul:Harry, Louis, get out of Victoria's Secret!
  • ...
  • Liam:Harry, it's okay. They're just giving you a trim!
  • Louis:Back off bitches, I'm the only one aloud to touch the hair.
  • Niall:I'm hungry. Where's the food?
  • Zayn:I don't need a haircut. I'm perfect.
  • Paul:For god's sake, Harry. Just let the woman trim your hair. It's fine. She won't hurt it- NIALL! You can't eat hair gel!
  • Liam:Harry, it's okay...
  • Louis:...That wasn't hair gel.
  • ...
  • Harry:Erm........well.........um.....i dont um..... okay well pretty much use protection because i did some stupid things when i was er your age so erm yes.
  • Niall:dere comes a time when youre growin up and you become a big 'ol lad and you get urges to touch people. and have...intercourse take it easy on the girl ...just make sure she makes you a sandwich after cos you will work up an apetite. oh and protection always helps too.
  • Liam:Every girl is a princess. ONLY DO you know....IT WITH HER IF SHE WANTS TO. Dont forget to tell her how beautiful she is throughout it. be gentle. and BY GOD USE PROTECTION. Ugh...i cant even believe you want to do THAT with an innocent girl i mean SHE HAS A FATHER. good god you're lucky you aren't a girl you wouldn't be leaving the house.
  • Zayn:Well..sex is a beautiful thing. It is the meshing of two souls by love making. It is such an indescribable feeling. It is like walking among the bluest ocean on the softest sands with the one you love. Just dont forget to use protection or you'll be walking along the ocean with 2 people you love if you know what i mean aha
  • Louis:Well son, you gotta werk this girl. Be a panther in the bed room. please for the love of god dont get an STD so i dont have to drag your ass to the penis doctor ...because they're shady. so make sure you use protection okay. and make sure you give her a massive thank you for dealing with your needle dick
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gif Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik ** Zarry i just needed to gif their faces working with non HD is tortureeeee
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One Direction Ziall ziall horlik one direction fanart i really am MicheleDraws I'm actually really happy with how this turned out everyone
  • I:Do you have any more plans to work with One Direction? Little Things was such a great track.
  • Ed:I did two songs for their new one; I don’t know if they’re on the album but they’ve been recorded and stuff and they sound great.
  • I:Well hopefully they will make the album. What is the sound like?
  • Ed:I hope it’ll make the album. I wrote one specifically for them, it’s my idea of what their sound should be. And one of them was a song that was one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written but it just never made it on to an album because it was too big, it was a stadium song while I was playing clubs.
  • I:Do you have a favourite member?
  • Ed:I don’t know. I see Harry the most and probably get on with him best just because I see him the most and he was the first one that I met. I’ve known him the longest and we’ve shared a lot of mutual friends so probably Harry.
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  • louis:its ok hun, i'll get the car, just relax
  • zayn:can we just take a moment to think of the beautiful gift you are going to give birth to
  • liam:are you sure this is the best position, no i'm sorry, you know better than i do, i'm so sorry hun
  • harry:it's ok just breath, in and out, just like that, you're doing great babe
  • niall:shut up ya cunt! i'm eattin a sandwich!
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I pay for 1D merch with money. One Direction gets my money in their paychecks. Harry Styles is in On...