• or should i rename year three: olicity? •
my edits arrow oliver queen arrowedit tommy merlyn felicity smoak olicity i'm baaaaack arrow spoilers did you miss me?? arrow: season one arrow: season two arrow: season three or should i rename year three: olicity? my olicity is showing all the olicity feels i'm so excited about season three
  • reading lord of the rings:wow elves are so intelligent and talented and never get killed
  • reading the silmarillion:wait no
“xX_kylo-r3n_Xx: welcome to my twisted mind… kylo ren. 31. gemini. slytherin. men’s rights activist. mcr fan, but you probably haven’t heard of them. darth vader did nothing wrong. read if you dare……”
my edits my stuff Benedict Cumberbatch but like khan !!!!!!!!! stid mybcedits Saskia's posts my stid i should just rename my edit a day series to a khan a day khan!!!! this pic has been my background ever since i got it in uhq and it is a goood thing much better than the crop
zelda the legend of zelda twilight princess My only regret is that I couldn't rename Zelda as Tits.
fire fé lord awakening fire emblem fea fe13 emblem fire emblem awakening lucina fire emblem 13 fe:a great lord Armored Lady Monday Armored Lady fire emblem13
remove toxic people from your life unapologetically and without explanation. free yourself. do it now. don’t worry about the consequences just do it. go.
Anon or not tell me AUs I should do or URLs that you think I should start to interact with.
pizza frozen frozen gifs frozen gif elsa pizza queen pizza gifs elsa frozen queen elsa frozen elsa they should rename frozen to pizza now queen elsa of arnedelle dannie's edits the pizza queen
should i laugh or cry
my gifs Back to the Future michael j fox 2015 october ive waited all year for this guys serious question: is my caption okay or should i change it to something that makes it sell the importance
NYC new york city so yeah september 11th idk if i should tag this with 9/11 or not i'm going to reblog it again tomorrow during the day though
pearls pearl steven universe HOW AND WHY Blue Pearl yellow pearl oh my god theres so many i guess when you gotta make pearls you gotta make pearls I should just rename myself nacre
Adventure Time Bubbline otp mygif puella magi madoka magica legend of korra kyousaya lok spoiler Korrasami shingeki no kyojin kill la kill yumikuri carmilla ryumako laurmilla dang i should have made everything like have the same filter over them or smth oh well lmao YEAR OF THE FUCKING YURI REIGNS edit omgod tumblr why you kill my quality gdi lmao i keep screwing around w which photo i want at the top
Funimation’s description for episode 5
louis tomlinson bw i hate you idk if i should post this bw or coloured so..
“Guys only wanna date girls with long ha-“
I’m so disappointed in myself on how I actually manage to fuck up almost every friendship I’ve ever had and to know that they were all my fault really hurts
One Direction Niall Horan bby 1D aw fuck you omg should i cry or?